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Man-Up: Cowboys Who Showed Some Toughness Last Week

So we got a new sponsor at BTB who wanted to ask the question: Which Cowboys player manned-up in last week's game? OK, I'll play. I'm looking for guys who did something special, or played through injury, or something along those lines. My nominees:

Dez Bryant: Sure, he was a non-factor late, but for playing through injury, for a couple of weeks now, and for two beautiful touchdown catches early in the game, he gets a nomination.

The offensive line: Against a powerful defensive front-four, the offensive line stepped up their game and gave Romo plenty of time, and allowed a decent running game. Nice job.

Laurent Robinson: In need of a receiving threat with Bryant at less-than-optimal shape, Robinson did the job.

Sean Lissemore: Just had to throw him in the nominations for the scoop-and-run on the kickoff return. Watching that 300-pound hoss chug down the field gave me much joy. You just don't see that every day.