The Wizard Of Oz

The last three games of Tony Romo remind me about a classic movie, "The Wizard of Oz". Not because he probably felt like the West witch when crushed by Dorthy's house after the Lions game, but because he could well have played the role of the three characters that joined Dorothy in her quest to find The Wizard Of Oz.

Let me explain what I mean:

In the San Francisco game, he played the Tin Man. After the ugly loss to the New York Jets, many of us felt that Romo had no heart to make the clutch plays to close the game in the fourth quarter. Now, early in the game, he was so erratic that we thought "here he comes again with his bad decisions to blow this one too." Surprisingly, he left the game, and nobody knew what was going on. With the 'Boys down in the game, he made his triumphant return to the field looking for his helmet like a medieval knight before leading his troops to the battle victory. After we all found out he did it with a rib fracture and punctured lung, it was clear to everyone that Romo, as the Tin Man, certainly has a big HEART.

Against the Redskins, he played the Lion. After the previous game's heroic act, now all of us were wondering if Romo would be sidelined for some weeks to fully recover from his wounds. The medical advice dictated not to play because of the big pain and the risk of worsening the injury if he were banged hard in his ribs again. I don't know how many of the other 31 starting quarterbacks would have chosen not to play, but Romo showed, as the Lion, to have the COURAGE to play through pain against our hated rivals, to avoid a 1-2 start that would have been a very bad start for the season.

Now it came the trickiest role of them all; in the Lions game, he played the Scarecrow. The meltdown in this game is epic and everybody blamed Romo for the loss. As it was stated for many of you in your very good posts, he is not the only one to blame, but one thing is true; he made a lot of mental mistakes that need to be corrected. If he shows to be capable of learning from his mistakes in order to avoid them in the future, then and only then, he will have the BRAIN to make the right decisions in the crucial moments to take us by the yellow brick road right to our Oz land; The Super Bowl!

Guys, please don`t be hard with your comments on my post as this is my first one and English is not my first language (I'm a diehard Cowboys fan since the 60's).

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