KD's 10-for-10 - Week #8 Update

All I can say this week is "Welcome to November". Halloween weekend was a killer. From the first game on KD's contest (an "easy" Saints win over the Rams) through the Cowboys' and Chargers' meltdowns in prime team - this was a tough week to successfully pick games.

Funny thing, in his Week #8 Contest piece, KD commented that there would probably be several 10-for-10s this week. That ended with the first game as all seventy-seven entrants this week picked the "gimme" Saints over the Rams. All but five of us picked the Cowboys over the Eagles as well, so most of us are down this week.

Funnier thing, MIA this week is the owner-operator of this contest failed to get his own picks in. I'm sure that KD will have something to say when he sets up the week #9 contest and makes his week #8 contest comments.

There is no change at the top this week, but the gap between the top and the rest of us is starting to grow wider. The top guys aren't falling back to the pack.

Weekly scores, overall standings, and analysis after the jump:

Each week, it seems, we welcome new players to KD's 10-for-10 contest. We are now up to 140 who have played at least one week. However, our weekly participation hovers in the 75-80 range as different people take a week off or forget to get in their picks. Here's the weekly participation chart:

Week Submitted Skipped Total
1 81 0 81
2 86 26 112
3 96 30 126
4 86 43 129
5 76 53 129
6 80 53 133
7 74 61 135
8 77 63 140

I'm not sure if there was an SBNation editor problem, or if a couple of you just got careless. Two different entries this week had ten games submiited, but only nine had been made bold. So, only the nine that were selected were counted. Another entry (one of the first-timers) forgot to include the Cowboys game. I was able to chase him down on another thread and get him to fix his entry to include the Cowboys game (he picked the Eagles).

KD has his rules. Here is my summary:

  • EXACTLY ten games selected, not nine, not all
  • Cowboys game must be included
  • All ten picks are marked in bold
  • Delete/remove the games that you are not selecting (makes my life easier)
  • Please use the Preview button to make sure that you have properly made/marked your picks

If the SBNation editor is malfunctioning and you can't make your selections show up in bold, please reply to your post and let me know what you intended to mark so I can make sure your entry gets included and tabulated.

Note - the Cowboys have an early kickoff this week, so there is no grace (late entries). All entries must be in before the early games (including the Cowboys) kick off.

Note to those outside the U.S. (or, who don't participate in Daylight Savings Time) - this weekend is "Fall Back" time change. This is the good one, where we get an extra hour of sleep. Kickoff will be at 12:00 noon CST (Central Standard Time), which is 0600 GMT. This is one hour later than 12:00 noon CDT this past Sunday (0500 GMT).

For the first time this season there were no games that we were evenly divided in our preference. Every game was either unanimous or lopsided as we confidently went with favorites. So, our wins were solid, but our losses were bad as well. Some were just weird - Olinda Mare shanking the game tying field goal that would have sent the Vikings to overtime (and perhaps, to victory); and even more weird - San Diego running one more snap before kicking a game-winning field goal. Then, Rivers fumbles the snap from center; Chiefs recover; and Chiefs win in OT.

One interesting observation this week is that the "other" glamor game of the week - NE at Pitt - garnered the least amount of action. By now, we each have our own systems for picking games. For example, if a doormat is playing, pick the opponent. If a powerhouse is playing, pick the powerhouse. But when two strong teams play each other (like NE and Pitt), most of us stayed away (only 32 out of 77 made a pick in this game).

Even though the Cowboys were a night game, we didn't add any stragglers this week - those who placed picks on the late/night games after the early games had kicked off.

This would have been a good week to pick "all homers". Home teams won eleven out of the thirteen games this week. We got one of the "road warriors" (Detroit), but missed the other (Minnesota). We also picked four road teams (including the Cowboys) who lost.

We are winding down on the "bye week" part of the schedule. This past week was the last week to only have thirteen games.

  • week #9 - only four teams will have byes; fourteen total games
  • week #10 - no byes; sixteen total games; NFL Network begins Thursday night games
  • week #11 - final four teams have byes; fourteen total games (including one on Thursday)
  • week #12 - no more byes; sixteen games; three games (including Cowboys) on Thanksgiving

So, be ready to look for KD's contest by Thursday morning each week, so you can include (if you wish) picks in the NFL Network Thursday games.

Here is the table showing our record in each game this week:

Week #8 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
74 BALTIMORE Arizona 0
67 HOUSTON Jacksonville 1
56 TENNESSEE Indianapolis 3
41 Detroit DENVER 2
57 BUFFALO Washington 1
56 TENNESSEE Indianapolis 3
69 SAN FRANCISCO Cleveland 0
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
0 ST LOUIS New Orleans 77
5 KANSAS CITY San Diego 47
5 Minnesota CAROLINA 41
4 PITTSBURGH New England 28

Finally, here are our scores for the week. Because everyone missed the Saints game, and almost everyone missed the Cowboys game, no one got more than 8-for-10 this week. Our two top overall leaders both got eight right, so if you did worse than eight, then you are losing ground to the leaders.

KD gives no recognition to best picks each week - only those who go 10-for-10. I will congratulate those seven who got eight right. If the Chargers had closed the deal Monday night, The Penguin would have had nine, and a bunch more would have had eight. But, it didn't happen. So, a few had eight, and a LOT of guys had seven and six. I listed all the sevens; that's the only way I got to list my name (that's how far down I am in the overall; I only had six this week).

Congratulations to the overall leader, qbfannn, as he held the lead by himself for the second week. Remember, his applause is muted, because he AGAIN picked against the Cowboys. And, it's just WRONG to do that here. His lead isn't safe, though, as Jebediah Flibberbrush has been at or near the top each week, along with illcowboy and BishopWest. Finally, at fifth place, we have a tie. All four of them have been up there every week as well.

Week #8 Score Overall Score
CDMac24 8 qbfannn 62
Jebediah Flibberbrush 8 Jebediah Flibberbrush 61
JLMax09 8 illcowboy 60
qbfannn 8 BishopWest 58
reron79 8 mdlusk 57
The Penguin 8 scotscowboyfan 57
wittenfan 8 wittenfan 57
1Bullseye 7 ziggy 19 57
Antonio S 7 BigBad Joe 56
Benthere 7 Hookem Up 56
BigBad Joe 7 Specific 56
BishopWest 7 ChiaCrack 55
Blue Eyed Devil 7 InkedKing 55
dbunny8it 7 jstaubach 55
GordBerl 7 Pnut Gallery 55
Hookem Up 7 tattooed cowboy 55
I am Ironman!!! 7 Alpha 54
illcowboy 7 Benthere 54
Jeremiah_24 7 GordBerl 54
kitten mittens 7 neon greon 54
LilZtretch 7 One.Cool.Customer 54
LiveNDieBlue 7 Panzer84 54
mdlusk 7 Travlr 54
One.Cool.Customer 7 1Bullseye 53
Pearson88 7 Allan Uy 53
Specific 7 FuriousDman 53
starbury_to_s-jaxci2000 7 Grady90 53
StarloverinWNC 7 JLMax09 53
TARHEEL PAUL 7 lxblssng 53
thehogster65 7 Rat-Pack 53
Timmy G 7 Tuna Helper 53
Travlr 7 hookerhome 52
WA_Cowboy 7 Rohpuri 52
32 entries 6 WA_Cowboy 52

When KD puts up his new contest for week #9, I will link to it here. I trust your November begins much better than October ended. See you next week.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.