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What's Going On At Buffalo Rumblings Before The Bills @ Cowboys Game

Time to see what is on the minds of Bills fans.
Time to see what is on the minds of Bills fans.

Time to take a look at the SBN franchise for the BillsBuffalo Rumblings, and see what they have to say going into the game between their guys and our Dallas Cowboys.

I have to make one confession: Every time I go to type in the name of their site, it tends to come out Buffalo Fumblings. No disrespect intended there, just one of those things, I guess.

Of course, there is a link between the teams in Chan Gailey, who is in his second year in Buffalo and who had a two year stint as the Cowboys head coach in 1998-99. They wanted to get a Dallas fan's take on his time in Big D, so they contacted our own Dave Halprin. Now, we all know that Dave is way more than just your run of the mill Dallas fan (he decides if my articles get printed, so some sucking up is mandatory here) and has one insight I like.

"Jerry Jones at that time was much more hands-on, and was much quicker with the trigger finger. He's actually mellowed since that time."

More from  Buffalo after the jump.

In Another Week, Another Ryan, the writer looks at the fact that Rob is almost certain to be getting some ideas from brother Rex, who faced the Bills last week. He thinks that the Jets were more of a challenge, bringing up a theme I have seen in a couple of other places, such as Dave's Five Questions article.

As daunting as the idea of facing another Ryan defense is - those defenses are always aggressive, physical and difficult to game plan for - this week's Ryan doesn't have the embarrassment of riches that last week's Ryan does in terms of player talent, particularly in the secondary. 

Well, there is some justification for that, but I'm hoping DeMarcus Ware and the Killer Q Tip, Sean Lee, will have something to say about that.

In a brief article on Red Zone Efficiency, they bring up a much more troubling factor in their favor.

Cowboys fans call their team's red zone woe "perplexing" and "frustrating." Bills fans, meanwhile, have no reason to be anything other than immensely satisfied with what the Bills have accomplished in the red zone.

What can I say. The 'Boys kinda suck in RZ territory.

A much more positive article from our viewpoint is one on DeMarco Murray and his hot streak. Not much to blockquote here, since Dave is again the primary source and you know how all the front pagers at BTB feel about the sudden emergence of Mr. Murray.

Also positive for us is the likelihood that the Bills will put Andy Levitre, normally a guard, at left tackle to face DeMarcus Ware

Bills head coach Chan Gailey told reporters after practice that the chances are better than 50-50 that the left guard will start at tackle on Sunday, giving Chad Rinehart a third straight start in Levitre's usual left guard spot, as well.

Something may give way on the Bill's left side on Sunday.

Another article takes more of a look at Jason Garrett, and does see some similarities between him and Chan Gailey.

"When people speak positively of Garrett, it's usually about the way he's brought accountability back to the team, the way he's molded a new attitude among the players, and made the Cowboys a tougher team mentally and physically," says Halprin. "He's also made significant changes to the roster which needed to be made, and most of the moves are working out. He's decisive and demanding, and so far it's showing progress. On the negative side, people have problems with his play-calling and strategy on game day. The Cowboys are terrible in the red zone, and fans have turned to Garrett as part of the problem."

As you can see, he goes back to Dave for his main information here.

They also take a closer look at the Dallas secondary, again using the stellar unit fielded by the Jets as a comparison.

With respect to the secondary - the key to the Jets' ability to suffocate Buffalo's offense - the Jets are unparalleled. But though the Cowboys struggled mightily in that area in 2010, they've gotten much better under Rob Ryan.

"The Cowboys secondary is actually playing pretty well this year, even though they've been hit hard by injury at cornerback," says Dave Halprin of

Wait a minute. What's is going on here? It seems like every article on the front page quotes Dave. Oh, my gosh, they did Five Questions with him, and then wrote five different articles.

Oh, well, at least they went to the best for their material.

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