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Cowboys Gameday News And Notes

Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich is making headlines this week.
Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich is making headlines this week.

Gameday is here again. The Buffalo Bills are coming to Cowboys Stadium, and Dallas hopes to get another win. Time for a last look at what is in the news about the game.

The weather for tailgating looks good again. It should be in the mid seventies, with cloudy skies. Forecast doesn't mention rain.

In looking through the news items, I came across a report that left me horrified, asking how something like this could happen. It seems - brace yourselves - that one of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is - yes - dating one of the Buffalo Bills.

Kelsi Reich is a member of the world famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Reich is dating Buffalo Bills’ WR David Nelson.

I know, your illusions are shattered. I am sure you will not want go to the article with its links to pictures of Kelsi. And other cheerleaders. And pictures of scantily clad women in general.

Be strong.

Other news after the jump - if you're done looking at those other pictures yet.

David Buehler is on IR now, which is a move many of us at BTB have been waiting for. We were certain that Jerry Jones was shielding David, but this article from Pro Sports Daily puts things in a little different light. Quoting Jerry here:

"I’m very frustrated. It is his job to stay ready to play and prepare himself so that those kinds of things, for what he’s got to do, don’t come up."

Well, now I am confused.

Another player that is generating some heated discussion here is Dez Bryant, and Mickey Spagnola over at the mothership has some pointed advice for him.

So now is the time for the next No. 88 in Cowboys history to mark his territory, to take over a game with his immense talent that has only been gurgling the first half of the season, as if a geyser teasing the audience without ever spouting off.

Dez Bryant, time to grab a bat and take your cuts. Time to impose your will on this game. This is a time of need.

Felix Jones is out for this game, and most of us are thinking that DeMarco Murray has already won the starting job. But DeMarco begs to differ:

"From my understanding, I think he's still the starter," said Murray (talking about Felix Jones), per the Dallas Morning-News. "He's a great running back, and he was doing a great job before he went down. I'm expecting him to come back in and do what he's been doing, which is great, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to continue to compete and try to help out as much as I can."

Good heavens, the man is the new star wearing the Star, and it turns out he's humble to boot. And there is more evidence, as given by Jason Witten.

. . . three days removed from his historic romp against St. Louis last month, Murray reported to practice eager to help make the first-team defense sweat.

"It's like, 'I don't think you need to be the scout-team back anymore, DeMarco,'" Witten said. "I love the mentality you have, but get some rest. We need you over here (with the first-team offense).' "

The Bills have a pretty good running back of their own in Fred Jackson, who is getting a lot of attention from Rob Ryan.

"He's really tough. God, this guy is tough, now," Ryan said. "He takes on all comers. We purposely never showed some of the chip blocks he does on defensive ends because he leaves them on the carpet."

Well, I guess he's trying to not make him mad.

Speaking of Mr. Jackson, this is a chance to get close to his childhood memories. I mean, really close.

Jackson's childhood home was torn down to make room for Jerry Jones' $1.2 billion stadium. Jackson, 30, will have plenty of family and friends in attendance, and he looks forward to returning to his roots.

Fred grew up a Cowboys fan. Want proof? He shows it every game.

Buffalo's Fred Jackson wears No. 22 in honor of the running back he grew up idolizing, Emmitt Smith.

Gee, a nice guy. I still hope he gets stuffed for no yards, but he does seem like a really good person.

Meanwhile, the Buffalo paper has noted that Tony Romo seems to be having a good stretch of play right now.

"Good Tony" is in a groove, which could be bad news for the Buffalo Bills today when they face the Cowboys before a crowd of about 80,000 in Cowboys Stadium.

Oh, we hope so.

Another player who you may have missed has some extra incentive to do well against the Cowboys. With their regular kicker injured, the Bills have brought in Dave Rayner, who was with Dallas. Briefly.

"It was late in the preseason," said Rayner. "I got to kick in the Dallas preseason game at Miami and had to attempt a 51-yarder and a 48-yarder in the mud of the infield at Dolphins stadium because it had been raining."

Rayner missed them both wide right. The next day he was released spending a total of four days with the Cowboys.

"I don't know how you can be convinced of a kicker's abilities after four days," he said.

Meanwhile, there are the many and varied game previews.

ESPN has a Scout's Eye view ("Scout" meaning Bryan Broaddus).

The Miami Herald has the preview from The Sports Network.

Closer to home, the Dallas Morning News offers a look at how the teams matchup, a look at keys to a Cowboys victory, an analysis of Bills WR Stevie Johnson against Terence Newman, how the team is protecting and padding Sean Lee's injured wrist, and the impact of Laurent Robinson replacing Miles Austin.

The San Antonio Express chimes in with Five Things to Watch and a scouting report on the Bills.

And the Buffalo News adds an article on what the teams have to prove and their own five things to watch.

All right, that should be enough to whet your appetite. Game is at noon local time. GO COWBOYS!

I've got to go back and check out that story on Kelsi again. So hard to believe. I mean, look at that face. (You have looked at her face, haven't you?)

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