Eagles have plenty of time in salary cap hell to consider how bad they suck

From the ESPN NFC East Blog:

"With Jackson watching on TV at home, Vick threw two interceptions, had one overturned on replay and another called back for holding. He averaged 3.8 yards per pass attempt and never looked right. It's entirely possible he was affected by Jackson's absence and the in-game injuries that limited Jeremy Maclin. But if that's the case, it's an indictment of Vick himself. The Eagles have plenty of offensive weapons -- certainly enough with which to beat the Cardinals -- and even if it meant constant dump-offs to LeSean McCoy and Brent Celek, Vick should have been able to make it work."

What's happening to the Eagles is just so, so, so wonderful. The can't hold onto leads.  They make mistakes everywhere on the field.  They just can't execute on plays (unless they've two weeks to prepare).  And their contract situation sucks.  I am so happy they gave the ex-con Vick a $100m, 6 year contract - $40m guaranteed.  His level of play is so erratic and impossible to trust.  Regularly misisng wide-open receives.  Thank you Eagles front office! Truly,  thank you!  You're making every Cowboy fan fall in love with you! 

Note for Nnamdi — enjoy it you fool.  Thank you for turning your back on Rob Ryan, burning your bridges and not saddling a real football team with your costly contract.  Now you work for losers AND live in Philadelphia.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.