KD's 10-for-10 - Week #10 Update

Wow, great Cowboys game Sunday. But, man, did we get our clocks cleaned this weekend. It began with a Thursday night game on NFL Network. Almost half of us got in a pick in that game. All of us picked the Chargers. All of us lost. We had four other bad losses as a group this week, including another unanimous loss.

There were no 10-for-10s this week. No one got 9-for-10. And, for the first time this season, no one got 8-for-10 either. The best we could do this week was 7-for-10 (fourteen players).

We also have a new overall leader.

Much more after the jump.

We had thirty-eight get in Thursday night picks, and seventy-nine make picks on all the games (one person made a Thursday-only pick, but didn't get back for the Sunday/Monday games).

Our consensus was ten right and six wrong, but four of our "rights" were either narrow wins (a bare majority picked the game right) or had little action (few playing those games). One of our "wrongs" was also narrow and lightly played. But, five of our losses (trap games) cost us dearly - beginning with the Thursday night game when all of us picked the Chargers, and ending Sunday afternoon when everyone who made a selection (and all but four of us) picked the Ravens. We also lost big with the Panthers, Chiefs, and Eagles.

For the second week in a row, especially in the Sunday early games, road teams rose up again and knocked off home teams. Only in the late games and the Monday night game did home teams really rise up.

  • Thursday night - one game - road team won (Raiders)
  • Sunday early - ten games - road team won eight (only Cowboys and Dolphins won at home)
  • Sunday late - three games - home team won all three
  • Sunday night - one game - road team won (Patriots)
  • Monday night - one game - home team won (Packers)

Here's the participation chart for this week. We had six first-time players, but only seventy-nine that made 10-for-10 picks.

Week Submitted Skipped Total
1 81 0 81
2 86 26 112
3 96 30 126
4 86 43 129
5 76 53 129
6 80 53 133
7 74 61 135
8 77 62 139
9 80 66 146
10 79 73 152

It has been tough picking with many of the teams being so inconsistent. Who would have thought?

  • Raiders - beat Texans, Chiefs, and Chargers on the road; in between, get hammered at home by Broncos
  • Eagles - lost six out of seven (guess whom they beat), and have blown fourth quarter leads in four of their five home games (guess this exception as well)
  • Ravens - swept the Steelers, beat the Texans, beat the Jets, but lost on the road at Titans, Jaguars, and Seahawks
  • Chargers - won four of five, had their bye, then lost four straight
  • Lions - come to Dallas unbeaten, got a first-half beatdown, and came back to win when Dallas let off the throttle; lost a couple after starting 5-0; destroyed the Broncos in Denver; then, came back after the bye and got destroyed by the Bears
  • NFC West - all four won this past Sunday and 49ers are 8-1 (guess who gave them the "1"); at the beginning of the season, most of us looked forward to fattening up (going 4-0) against the NFC West; ask the other NFC East teams how easy the NFC West is this year (we're actually 3-0 with only the Cardinals remaining; Giants and Eagles have each lost twice to NFC West teams)

Here's the table with all of our picks for the week. The actual game winners are in the left column, and are in BOLD. As you can see, our losses are far worse than our wins, including two unanimous losses:

Week #10 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
75 DALLAS Buffalo 4
72 GREEN BAY Minnesota 2
53 Houston TAMPA BAY 5
42 Pittsburgh CINCINNATI 5
39 SAN FRANCISCO New York Giants 12
38 Jacksonville INDIANAPOLIS 3
24 CHICAGO Detroit 12
22 New Orleans ATLANTA 12
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
0 SEATTLE Baltimore 74
3 Tennessee CAROLINA 40
0 Oakland SAN DIEGO 38
5 Denver KANSAS CITY 31
Win Pretty Even (we're indifferent) Lose
15 New England NEW YORK JETS 13

Now, it's time for the updated leaderboard. Again, our week #10 picks were lousy (no one better than seven right), but I do want to give a shout-out to two first-time players (danielcp0303 and Feeling Blue & Silver) and two who joined last week for the first time (Aaron Burtram and bcg08). All of them were part of the group tied for 7-for-10 at the top of this week. This is twice in a row for Aaron, as he debuted last week as the only one with 9-for-10. Way to go!

Looking at the overall standings, we have a new overall leader. Congratulations to illcowboy, as he leapfrogged over qbfannn and has the overall lead to himself! However, his lead is only one over qbfannn and the ever-present Jebediah Flibberbrush. With a strong showing this week, wittenfan has vaulted to fourth place, followed by last year's champion, BishopWest.

These guys at the top have company. Nine are tied for sixth, and the rest of the pack is right there and getting closer. Here is the leaderboard. I'll have closing comments afterwards.

Week #8 Score Overall Score
88Deztined46 7 illcowboy 72
Aaron Burtram 7 Jebediah Flibberbrush 71
bcg08 7 qbfannn 71
danielcp0303 7 wittenfan 70
Enja 7 BishopWest 69
Feeling Blue & Silver 7 BigBad Joe 68
jakezze01 7 ChiaCrack 68
JLMax09 7 Hookem Up 68
KB_24 7 mdlusk 68
kitten mittens 7 neon greon 68
Pnut Gallery 7 Specific 68
Rat-Pack 7 tattooed cowboy 68
thehogster65 7 ziggy 19 68
wittenfan 7 JLMax09 67
Allan Uy 6 Pnut Gallery 67
Benthere 6 scotscowboyfan 67
BigBad Joe 6 Allan Uy 66
ChiaCrack 6 Alpha 66
Cowboys_Attack 6 Benthere 66
D_Carter 6 Panzer84 66
demarcus94 6 Travlr 66
GordBerl 6 GordBerl 65
HLCJ69 6 jstaubach 65
Hookem Up 6 Rat-Pack 65
hookerhome 6 1Bullseye 64
I am Ironman!!! 6 hookerhome 64
illcowboy 6 lxblssng 64
Jason Pai 6 One.Cool.Customer 64
jazzbo251 6 Jason Pai 63
lxblssng 6 kitten mittens 63
meisternance 6 Tuna Helper 63
neon greon 6 Antonio S 62
nikeorlipstick 6 jakezze01 62
NJcowboysFAN 6 Jeremiah_24 62
Nord15 6 meisternance 62
Panzer84 6 Nord15 62
Portland's Cowboy fan 6 WA_Cowboy 62
Rex Pfister 6 D_Carter 61
Rohpuri 6 Portland's Cowboy fan 61
Specific 6 88Deztined46 60
starbury_to_s-jaxci2000 6 Grady90 60
tattooed cowboy 6 Englishneil 59
The Penguin 6 Enja 59
24 with 5 I am Ironman!!! 59
10 with 4 starbury_to_s-jaxci2000 59
3 with 0-3 TARHEEL PAUL 59

[Edit] If you want to check your score, here are two ways to check them:

  • Go back to KD's Contest page (here's the link) and search for your name (most browsers have a search feature, usually CTRL-F; type your username into the window and click "next entry")
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Note - my FanPosts always begin with "KD's 10-for-10". His front page contests always begin with "KDP's 10-for-10". His previous username was KDP until he was promoted to the Front Page, where he became known as KD Drummond. [End Edit]

This is the final week of byes, as the final four teams take off. So, there will only be fourteen games this week. After this, the final six weeks will each have a full slate of sixteen games.

There is another Thursday night game this week on NFL Network (Jets-Broncos). When KD posts his new week #11 contest, you will have several options:

  • Submit a "Thursday Game Only" pick before it kicks off; then, come back on and submit your other nine picks before the Sunday games kick off
  • Submit all ten picks (including Thursday) before the Thursday game kicks off
  • If you don't wish to include the Thursday night game, then make your ten picks from the other thirteen games and get them in before the Sunday games kick off

This is the third consecutive early game for the Cowboys, so there is no grace for getting picks in late (since you MUST include the Cowboys game). This is the last early game until the season finale with the Giants (currently scheduled for an early kickoff, but will probably be moved to later if it has playoff ramifications).

Some of you were getting alarmed last week, because you were needing to make Thursday picks and KD hadn't put up his new contest yet. If you get crunched where you have to submit a pick and you can't wait for his contest, I can take your pick(s) here and copy your entry over to his contest for you.

With next week being Thanksgiving, there will be three games on that Thursday (Packers-Lions, Dolphins-Cowboys, and 49ers-Ravens). So, everyone will have to get in picks next week before Thanksgiving games kick off (at least, the Cowboys game).

See you next week. Go, Cowboys!

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