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Cowboys Tidbits: It Really Is Redskins Week, You're Just Going To Have To Trust Me

DC stands for Dallas Cowboys.

As most of our readers know, I live in the Washington, DC metro area, so I feel I have a bit of perspective on the pulse of Redskins fans. I've grown up here, and know no other existence than being bombarded with hatred of my favorite team. I revel in it. While it probably says just as much about me that, at an early age, I aligned myself with "the villains", I wear those threads with a badge of honor. Literally, in fact, as people that follow my personal Twitter account as well as the BTB one, know very well. I've tweeted pics of my jersey with its derogatory Redskins message on a couple of occasions. All of this background is leading up to the question I asked myself recently... where the heck have the Redskins fans gone?

Normally during Redskins Week, my fandom is playfully assaulted every where I go. When I step out of my house, neighbors talk trash, warning me of the impending doom the Cowboys face. When I drive down Maryland Route 202 or Georgia Avenue, NW DC with Cowboys flags flying from both rear windows, I normally get honked at or disgruntled looks and comments at stop lights and signs. This normally happens regardless of the current state of the Redskins. It happened during the Spurrier era, Gibbs 2.0, and even the Zorn debacle. This week? Nothing. Redskins fans are exuding zero swagger.

When I wear said jersey around town (at least three times during each Redskins week) I normally get all kinds of responses and insults hurled my way. This week? Nothing. I've never seen the fanbase of this rival so downtrodden as they are in Year Two of "The Shanahans." It's eerie, and honestly... disappointing. The current five-game losing streak is bringing the masses to question the leadership; after head coach Mike Shanahan guaranteed that the Beck/Grossman combo was good enough to stake his two-Lombardi reputation on.

Regardless, it's still Redskins Week. And if the Cowboys don't want all of the 'DC' fans to be assaulted for the next calendar year, they have to continue their recent upswing and the Redskins slide. We all know, just a single victory tossed into their sea of misery will fuel their fiery ire. 

So what's the latest on the actual combatants in Sunday's tilt? Glad you asked.

*chuckles* RT @ProFootballTalk: Mike Shanahan: Rex Grossman was impressive, will start vs. Cowboys
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Felix Practices; Holland Isn't There | Star Telegram

The article is an overview of the injury update on all Cowboys. Felix was in full pads (per several twitter reports) and Derrick Dockery was in the starting left guard slot. Sean Lee's cast size has been reduced, and now allows for flexibility with his fingers. As we saw watching the Bills game, he was unable to use his injured left hand in wrapping up and though he reached the ball carrier on several occasions, couldn't wrap up.

Miles Austin and Mike Jenkins (hamstrings both) were in rehab mode. Kyle Kosier missed Wednesday practice with his foot issue, but that has been the norm for weeks now.

Redskins Stephen Bowen calls DeMarcus Ware a 'freak of nature' | SportsDay

As is customary, Washington's brass watches what the Dallas Cowboys do very closely, and often try to emulate. This season has been no different with their offseason signing of DE Stephen Bowen and their midseason pick up of Tashard Choice. Bowen was made available to the Dallas media, and had the following to say about his former teammate.

"He's a freakish athlete. I've just never seen somebody pound for pound as strong as he is," Bowen said. "He's a very smart player. He studies a lot of film. He's good at attacking people's weaknesses. He is one of the best I've ever been around."

Bowen Forgives Costa (Star Telegram) | Complementary of RBs Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray (ESPN)

Dallas Week has a special meaning for Choice | CBS Sports

"Every time I step on the field, I got a chip on my shoulder. Somebody tell you (that) you can't do something, somebody tell you (that) you're not good enough, you go out there and prove it. You play well, you ball and they shut their mouth."

The Redskins, who are last in the NFL in rushing at 86.6 yards per game and have averaged just 46 yards on 14 carries in the three contests since losing starter Tim Hightower to a season-ending knee injury, could certainly use a spark from the energetic Choice, who averaged 4.6 yards per carry during his Cowboys tenure.

Riley Steps In As Starter At Inside Linebacker |

The second-year man has replaced Rocky McIntosh in the starting lineup. While the Redskins overall play has disappointed their fans, McIntosh was the only weak link of their LB corps. With Riley collecting four tackles-for-loss in Sunday's defeat to Miami, it appears that Washington has at least one area of their team that should be a major concern for Dallas.

Redskins place rookie WR Hankerson, DE Kedrick Gholston on IR, re-sign WR Stallworth |


NFL Minimalist Logos |

Check out the renditions, the NFC East ones are some of the best.

Oxnard OKs Cowboys training camp deal | Ventura County Star

Looks like everything is set for the team to return to the cool confines of the California coast.

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