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Dallas Cowboys News: Tony Romo Is King Of The Deep Pass

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Romo celebrates after completing another deep pass for a score.
Romo celebrates after completing another deep pass for a score.

Tony Romo is the King Of Deep Passing -
Quarterback Tony Romo has become the king of deep passing. He leads the league ahead of Aaron Rodgers with an Accuracy Percentage of 63.6% on passes targeted 20 yards or more downfield. He's also tied for the top spot with eight touchdown passes on deep balls.

Rob Ryan's fire zone blitz - Bob's Blog
Bob Sturm shows that In 2011 the Cowboys have blitzed defensive backs on 24% of all pass plays (81 times in 335 pass plays). Rob Ryan has blitzed more DBs in nine games than Wade Phillips/Paul Pasqualoni in the previous two seasons combined. That is enough to confuse and confound any opponent when applied properly. Sturm breaks it down in a great read for X's and O's fans.

The emergence of DeMarco Murray is reminiscent of the rise of Miles Austin – Blogging the bEast
Jimmy looks at Murray's production to date, which reminds him of Austin's sudden emergence on the NFL stage. He also notes that over the last four games, Murray leads all feature backs in the NFL in yardage and yards per attempt. Jimmy concludes that the Cowboys would be 'certifiably crazy' not to start Murray and give him the majority of the carries against the Redskins.

The absurdly premature 2011 playoff picture: Week 11 - Shutdown Corner, Yahoo! Sports
Writer MJD, an acknowledged non-fan of the Cowboys, grudgingly includes the Cowboys in his playoff picture:

We're going to wait until the end to discuss the Cowboys, because I find their inclusion here to be a tremendous source of personal shame. [...]

Back to Dallas. Sigh. I look at the roster and how they've played the last couple of weeks, and I'm fine with the call. Dez Bryant continues his emergence toward being one of the best in the game, Laurent Robinson has made an impact, DeMarco Murray is a beast and for some reason, I believe in Tony Romo.

Tony Romo and Dallas Cowboys typically flourish around Thanksgiving - ESPN
The Cowboys have turned their Thanksgiving schedule into a huge advantage, John Clayton writes in his latest mailbag. He explains that with the flop of the Eagles and the Redskins' free fall, the NFC East is a two-way battle between the Giants and Cowboys. And that battle looks to be all but decided, given that the Giants have to play the Packers and Saints after Thansgiving, while the Cowboys have their Thanksgiving "brunch" schedule.

Buffalo Bills' passing offense kept some Cowboys' regulars off field - The Dallas Morning News
The fact that Bradie James was on the field for only one snap (ironically, the Cowboys drew a 12-men-on-the-field penalty flag on that play), has raised quite a few eyebrows. The DMN's Brandon George explains that this was due to the Bills using mostly three- and four-wide receiver sets, which left little room for the Cowboys' base defense. And as James is only part of the Cowboys base package this season, he was the odd man out, as the Bills' spread-‘em-out offense didn't allow for a lot of short-yardage defenses.

Holland Trying To Restore Family Name -
Nick Eatman put together a nice profile story in which he details Holland's struggles in camp this year and how he found the motivation to work hard for a return to the Cowboys, where he has been a key factor in stabilizing the O-line.

Romo must minimize mistakes against Redskins - FOX Sports
Chad Pennington looks at what QB Tony Romo must do to keep the Dallas Cowboys rolling and the Washington Redskins reeling, and concludes that when a quarterback faces a team with a struggling offense, he must know that turnovers and negative plays will decide the outcome. Opponent turnovers are the remedy for an ineffective offense like the Redskins currently have, and turnovers could create a short field and provide the spark the Redskins so desperately need.

Cowboys LB Sean Lee experiments in practice with smaller cast - The Dallas Morning News
After Sunday's game, Lee said that he had difficulty tackling with the cast on his arm, as he was unable to tackle from the side, properly wrap up players and pull them to the ground by their jerseys. He is now experimenting with a smaller cast that leaves his fingers exposed, which should help in his tackling.

Matt Schaub's injury further proof of the Curse of Flutie -
Kerry J. Byrne of Cold Hard Football Facts digs up the slightly overused story of the "Curse of Flutie" to explain Schaub's injury. It is an amusing read though, as Byrne works hard to show that every franchise Wade Phillips has been associated with since 1999 has fallen victim to the curse: All four organizations have been defined by high hopes followed by miserable and unexpected failure -- the two signatures of the Curse of Flutie, according to Byrne.

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