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Rob Ryan on Anthony Spencer: "You Watch. He's Going To Be Something This Week."

It's Friday, and like every Friday, Rob Ryan had his weekly impromptu press conference in the Cowboys' locker room, parts of which you can watch here.

Rob Ryan touched on a number of topics, including how Terence Newman is playing at a Pro Bowl level, how Bradie James is likely to see a lot more action action against the Redskins because they are likely to "play some real football", and how watching the Broncos offense yesterday made him "throw up."

Like almost every week, Rob Ryan provides some enjoyable soundbites for Cowboys fans, but what really got my attention was when Ryan said that production from Anthony Spencer "is coming, and it's coming fast".

Read what Ryan had to say about Spencer after the break.

Q: Anthony Spencer made a big play in the first game against the Redskins. What have you seen from him in the games since?

Rob Ryan: Aaaaw, maaan!! This guy is getting better every week. He's really stepping into his own I think. I wasn't here when everybody said he had the six sacks in six weeks or whatever the thing was. I know the guy is improving every day, he works his ass off, this guy is really going to be special.

I think he can get better and he is improving. He's played the run historically well and he's playing it better this year. And on his pass rush, he's working the angles, he works with Leon Lett and [D-line coach Brian] Baker and sometimes Charles [Haley] comes out. It helps him. His angles are better rushing the passer, and you’re going to see a dynamic rusher. I think it’s going to show up this week. I really believe all his hard work is going to pay off. He’s going to jump off and everybody'll be like, 'Wow! Where did this production come from?’ Well, it’s coming and it’s coming fast.

Q: What gives you confidence in that?

Rob Ryan: I just know how he works. His work ethic has been excellent, he's putting in the time, he listens to coaching. We've got some great coaches here and this guy is smart enough to listen.

You watch. He's going to be something this week.

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