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Dallas Cowboys Top NFC East Standings

The Dallas Cowboys find themselves at the top of the NFC East standings after a 27-24 win over the Washington Redskins and a 17-10 loss by the Giants to the Eagles.

Technically, the Cowboys and Giants are in the same spot, but the Cowboys have a better division and conference record than the Giants, something that could become very useful down the stretch. 

Before going head-to-head for the first time this season in a Sunday night showdown in Dallas on December 11, both teams have two more games to play:

The Cowboys face the 3-7 Dolphins in their annual Thanksgiving game on Thursday this week, followed by the 3-7 Cardinals the week after. Meanwhile, the Giants have to contend with the 7-3 Saints, who'll be coming off a bye week, followed by the as yet undefeated Packers

The Cowboys have won their third straight game for the first time since 2009 and are riding a red-hot Tony Romo into the November stretch of their schedule.

With the win over Washington, Romo extended his November record to 18-2 and recorded his third straight game with a passer rating over 110. In that three-game span, Romo has a cumulative 125.4 passer rating, has thrown for eight touchdowns and has gone three straight games without an interception.