KD's 10-for-10 - Week #11 Update

What's with the Thursday night games? For the second week in a row, those that got in their picks early regretted it. We had seventy-five play this week, and forty-five made a Thursday night pick. Unfortunately for the forty-two that picked the Jets, Tim Tebow led the Broncos to a comeback victory in the last moments. Fortunately for me, i was one of the three that had the Broncos.

This week is Thanksgiving week, and we have a three-course feast this Thursday. The appetizer is unbeaten Packers at Lions; the main course, of course, is Dolphins at Cowboys; and, the dessert is the battle for supremacy in the Harbaugh family as John's Ravens host Jim's 49ers.

After the jump, much more on this past weekend's games, who is now tied for the overall lead, and who came the closest to going 10-for-10 (spoiler alert - no one went 10-for-10 this week, but a bunch got nine right).

Also after the jump, a little help on getting your Thanksgiving picks in this week.

I have less to say each week in these FanPosts because I have been going back onto KD's contest page and giving preliminary reports - after early games, after late games, after the night game, etc. Here's a sample of what I put up last night:

There are seventeen that are poised to go 9-for-10 (eight right, missed one, and are picking the Patriots tonight).

Here they are, with the one game that they missed:

* Jets – Jebediah Flibberbrush, Travlr, 1Bullseye, WA_Cowboy, and DarkKnight88
* Jaguars – NJcowboysFAN
* Bills – Pnut Gallery, demarcus94, LiveNDieBlue, and nikeorlipstick
* Vikings – lxblssng
* Rams – meisternance
* Chargers – Trey Kimbell
* Giants – Hookem Up, Benthere, Rat-Pack, and Timmy G

We actually had a pretty good week this week. This was the final week of byes, so there were only fourteen games. Our composite record was 10-4 (majority got ten right; majority got four wrong), but our wins were much better than our losses. Two were unanimous and two more were nearly unanimous; and, these four games were played by almost everyone who participated this week.

No one got 10-for-10, but an incredible nineteen people got 9-for-10, including first-time player Trey Kimbell. No one got worse than 6-for-10. In other words, if you forgot to get your picks in this week, you picked a bad week to do so.

Here are the tables that illustrate our participation, and our prowess this week:

Week Submitted Skipped Total
1 81 0 81
2 86 26 112
3 96 30 126
4 86 43 129
5 76 53 129
6 80 53 133
7 74 61 135
8 77 62 139
9 80 66 146
10 79 73 152
11 75 80 155

Week #11 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
74 GREEN BAY Tampa Bay 0
74 Dallas WASHINGTON 1
73 NEW ENGLAND Kansas City 0
73 SAN FRANCISCO Arizona 2
54 ATLANTA Tennessee 7
52 CHICAGO San Diego 7
50 Oakland MINNESOTA 3
50 DETROIT Carolina 4
39 BALTIMORE Cincinnati 3
20 Seattle ST. LOUIS 9
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
3 DENVER New York Jets 42
6 Philadelphia NEW YORK GIANTS 38
11 MIAMI Buffalo 35
5 CLEVELAND Jacksonville 15

The leaderboard goes fairly deep this week, because seventeen got nine right and thirty-one more got eight right. I had a "good" week, getting seven right. But, this week that was a bad week as I lost ground to the forty-eight of you who did better.

For the first time in a month, we have a tie at the top of the overall leaderboard, and these guys have been there all year. Congratulations, illcowboy and Jebediah Flibberbrush, you lead the way with eighty right through eleven weeks. You had better not let down, or take off a week, because there are fourteen others within five of your score (that's less than half a game each week).

After the leaderboard, I close this week with some options for getting your picks in for next week. Some of you may be traveling, or away from the internet, and might not be able to wait for KD's next contest page.

Week #11 Score Overall Score
1Bullseye 9 illcowboy 80
Benthere 9 Jebediah Flibberbrush 80
DarkKnight88 9 qbfannn 79
demarcus94 9 wittenfan 78
Hookem Up 9 BishopWest 77
Jebediah Flibberbrush 9 Hookem Up 77
LiveNDieBlue 9 ChiaCrack 76
lxblssng 9 mdlusk 76
meisternance 9 Pnut Gallery 76
nikeorlipstick 9 ziggy 19 76
NJcowboysFAN 9 Benthere 75
Pnut Gallery 9 BigBad Joe 75
Rat-Pack 9 scotscowboyfan 75
Timmy G 9 Specific 75
Travlr 9 tattooed cowboy 75
Trey Kimbell 9 Travlr 75
WA_Cowboy 9 Allan Uy 74
@Tonekupone 8 JLMax09 74
Aaron Burtram 8 neon greon 74
Allan Uy 8 Panzer84 74
bcg08 8 Rat-Pack 74
Ben24626 8 1Bullseye 73
BishopWest 8 Alpha 73
ChiaCrack 8 jstaubach 73
cproctor6 8 lxblssng 73
Dezstroyer88 8 GordBerl 72
Englishneil 8 One.Cool.Customer 72
Grady90 8 hookerhome 71
HLCJ69 8 Jason Pai 71
illcowboy 8 meisternance 71
Jason Pai 8 Tuna Helper 71
jazzbo251 8 WA_Cowboy 71
Jeremiah_24 8 Jeremiah_24 70
jstaubach 8 Nord15 70
KD Drummond 8 Antonio S 69
mdlusk 8 kitten mittens 69
Nord15 8 D_Carter 68
One.Cool.Customer 8 Grady90 68
Panzer84 8 jakezze01 68
qbfannn 8 88Deztined46 67
reron79 8 demarcus94 67
scotscowboyfan 8 Englishneil 67
StarloverinWNC 8 Portland's Cowboy fan 67
ThatRodneyGuy 8 Enja 66
thejanusman 8 I am Ironman!!! 66
Tuna Helper 8 jazzbo251 66
wittenfan 8 TARHEEL PAUL 66
ziggy 19 8 4 with 65

As I mentioned Monday morning on KD's week #11 contest page, some of you may be traveling and might not be able to get in your Thanksgiving weekend picks, including the mandatory Cowboys game pick.

Here are a some options for you:

  • post now on this FanPost your picks for this week (Cowboys only, Thursday games only, or all ten picks)
  • wait for KD's new contest page and post on there

If you post on this page, I will make sure that your entries get counted (I'm the one who is counting them this year), and I will also take care of copying them to KD's contest page when it is up. Many of you took advantage of that this past week, and many more of you may wish to to do because of your Thanksgiving schedule.

Here are this week's games. Have a great week picking games and enjoying Thanksgiving with family and friends. Go, Cowboys!

Here are Thursday (Thanksgiving) games:

Green Bay at DETROIT
Miami at DALLAS
San Francisco at BALTIMORE

Here are Sunday early games:

Buffalo at NY JETS
Cleveland at CINCINNATI
Arizona at ST. LOUIS
Minnesota at ATLANTA
Tampa Bay at TENNESSEE

Here are the Sunday late games:

Washington at SEATTLE
Chicago at OAKLAND
Denver at SAN DIEGO

Here are the Sunday/Monday night games:

Pittsburgh at KANSAS CITY

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.