Who ever thought we'd miss a Fullback so much?

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Looking at some of the stats that guys like Bob Sturm (Decoding Garrret 11/22/2011) harvest, it's unbelievable how badly our run-blocking is without a true fullback.  It's painfully obvious to this fan (and most every other fan out there, I suppose) that John Phillips just can't get enough leverage because what makes him such a promising young Tight End is exactly what prevents him from being even a serviceable Full Back: the fact that he's 6'5" and not 5'11"..

We have a true FB on the practice squad in Shawn Chapas.  I live in SEC country and he was a pretty good FB for the Georgia Bulldogs; an eager blocker and a good pass catcher.

What does it say about Chapas (or what does it say about the coaching staff) that even though our run production is almost 4yds/carry _more_ when we run behind a true FB than when we run behind a converted TE/H-back, he cannot get on the field for even a couple games?  Is it getting to the point where putting Fiametta on IR is an option just so that we can find a true Fullback replacement?

Maybe we need to get Philip Tanner some reps at Fullback.  He sure seems to hit the hole hard and isn't afraid of contact.  I think he has a better frame for being a FB than any of the alternatives we have.  Is "Cricket" Anderson still out there?

It's obvious that our offense works so much better when there's a real FB back there.

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