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Dallas Cowboys Pregame News And Notes For The Dolphins Game

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Happy Thanksgiving! Here is hoping you all have a wonderful holiday (well, except for those of you like OCC that live someplace it isn't a holiday, and I hope all of you have a great day anyway)!

The Dallas Cowboys annual Thanksgiving game is one of the great modern traditions (and yes, credit to the Detroit Lions for starting it all). This year, the Miami Dolphins come to the Palace, and this looks to be a great game.

If you are just waking out of coma or something and don't know, this is a game with a lot riding on it. Dallas is trying to stay atop the NFC East standings, and Miami is hoping to salvage their season by keeping their win streak alive. Both have been hot in November. Here is a look at some of the most recent news out about the game and the teams.

First, the weather. If you plan to combine turkey and tailgating (and that picture makes it look like a great idea), it should be a very nice afternoon, with highs in the mid-sixties. But be careful headed to the game, since the weatherguessers think there is a chance for some spotty fog. Since the game is in Cowboys Stadium, the weather inside should be fine.

Newsy type stuff after the jump.

In case you haven't caught it, the official injury report has Jon Kitna, Mike Jenkins, Miles Austin, and Tony Fiammetta out and Gerald Sensabaugh questionable and not expected to play. Felix Jones and Kyle Kosier are also questionable, but expected to play. The Cowboys do plan to make adjustments if Sensabaugh can't go and Barry Church has to step in for him.

Over at the Dolphins, they will be without their regular place kicker Dan Carpenter again this week. Which gives me an excuse to say, quoting Brad Sham, "Dan Bailey rocks!"

But in good news, Sean Lee is thinking he won't need surgery because his wrist is healing so well. But the Killer Q Tip will be around for today, and likely next week as well.

Speaking of things defensive, Rob Ryan is not happy about the red zone defense this year. Well, they say the first step is acknowledging the problem. And while we are on the topic of the Big Robowski, he did say that there is something he thinks about besides becoming a head coach one day. I don't want to read too much into this . . . but then again, I do.

On the Power Rankings front (if you put any stock in that stuff), the Cowboys have cracked Sports Illustrated's top ten.

The Miami Dolphins have some former Cowboys (AKA Cowphins) with them. One of them is Marc Colombo, and the Cowboys hope that is a good thing for them. DeMarcus Ware certainly thinks he knows what to expect.

Orlando Scandrick is apparently feeling defensive about somebody calling his play last week bad. Oh, wait, that was him.

Meanwhile, Tony Romo is on a hot streak - this is a good thing.

Speaking of quarterbacks, the Cowboys had a claim in for Kyle Orton, who wound up with the Kansas City Chiefs

Dallas WR coach Jimmy Robinson is happy with Dez Bryant and Laurent Robinson. And he also thinks Tony Romo is a lot like Aaron Rodgers last year, when Jimmy was with Green Bay.

Speaking of Dez, ESPN has a report on him trying to earn the level of trust Laurent apparently already has.

At a higher level in the organization, Jerry Jones wants the team to treat this game like the Super Bowl.

At NBC DFW, Bradie James has some memories of Matt Moore's time with the Cowboys. Hope everyone else is thinking about the same thing.

Under Things That Are Fortunately Now Irrelevant, David Buehler responds to what Jerry Jones said about his conditioning a while back. (I have a feeling David's position with the team may be less secure than some of us thought after this.)

And there are all the previews and keys to the game articles. 

The mothership has its look.

ESPN has its five things to watch. They also have Brian Broaddus' Scout's Eye View, usually a very good read.

USA Today points out the three game winning streaks both team are riding coming into the game.

The San Antonio Express also has five things to watch, and a separate scouting report.

The Dallas Morning News looks at the matchup between DeMarco Murray and Dolphins LB Karlos Dansby. They also look at the how the teams as a whole stack up against one another and what they see as the keys to the game.

The Sporting News has their pre-snap read.

The Sporting Network looks at the game and the ties between the two teams.

On a different note, if you are looking for menu ideas (past the turkey, of course), the DMN has an article on the favorite dishes of some Cowboys.

And speaking of food, you know that subject had to come up in an interview about the Thanksgiving tradition with Nate Newton. Now this is a man that enjoys his vittles.

"See, you all eat. I enjoy food. I feel food. You know what I'm saying? I feel the texture when it goes down. You all are sitting there, 'I've got to eat to stay alive.' Food is more than just staying alive, bro. Think about it, think about it."

While Dallas plays every Thanksgiving, Miami is no stranger to playing on the holiday (including a certain snowy game a lot of us would rather forget - if you don't know what I mean, check this ESPN article).

On a somber note, looks back at the worst game the Cowboys ever had (and it had nothing to do with the game itself).

Now, to cheer you up after that, remember that Enrique Iglesias will be performing at halftime. I know that will make those of you that are just watching the game to see him happy.

Don't eat too . . . nah, that won't work. Don't drink too . . . nope, that's no good. Oh, heck, let's stick with a classic:


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