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Sunday Poll: If You Could Have One Guaranteed Week 12 Win, Which Would It Be?

Will the sun continue to shine on the Cowboys today?
Will the sun continue to shine on the Cowboys today?

The Cowboys already won their week twelve game against the Dolphins on Thursday. With the win, the Cowboys moved to 7-4, and a half game lead atop the NFC East.

If you could have one guaranteed win from the week twelve games, which one would you take?

In the early Sunday games, a Vikings win over the Falcons would drop the Falcons even further back in the NFC wild card race. But the 6-4 Falcons are playing at home and are nine-point favorites against the 2-8 Vikings, so a Vikings win is a long shot.

Things get a little more interesting in the afternoon games. A Patriots win over the Eagles would drive the final nail into the Eagles coffin, so that's a strong incentive to root for the Patriots. The 3-7 Redskins are playing at 4-6 Seattle, and while the 'Skins have lost all relevance in the NFC playoff race, why would anybody ever root for the 'Skins? The 7-3 Bears are currently the leading team in the NFC wildcard race. They're playing without Jay Cutler in Oakland, where the Raiders are three-point favorites.

And on Monday, the Giants are seven-point underdogs in New Orleans.

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