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Friday Night Poll And Open Thread

It's Friday night, so let's have a little conversation-starter poll, and then open up the thread for Cowboys chatter, or basically any open topic. It's the weekly man-up poll, as in who manned-up and got their job done in the Eagles game. OK, admittedly the field is slim, but let's play anyway.


DeMarcus Ware - 11 tackles (led team), 4 sacks, 4 QB hits and a forced fumble. That line is a defensive players dream. Too bad it was wasted in a nightmare game.
DeMarco Murray - 74 yards on 8 carries. That's 9.3 yards per carry which is superb. Too bad the Cowboys were so far behind that he ended up being an afterthought in the offense.
Laurent Robinson - 103 yards and the lone touchdown. He was the only receiver to threaten the Eagles defense.
Mat McBriar - I'm giving him a spot just because he tried even though he was hurt. Tough punter.

OK, go ahead and vote then treat this as open thread.

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