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Dallas Cowboys Game Day News And Notes

Always good to be back in Cowboys Stadium.
Always good to be back in Cowboys Stadium.

Game Day! The New York Giants are here to play our Dallas Cowboys, and this one has everyone fired up as it goes out to the national audience on NBC.

If you don't know what the implications of this game are, I want to welcome you back from Antarctica. The rest of you all know what both teams have at stake, so let's get on with a quick look at what the rest of the world is saying about the game.

First, the weather is going to be a bit chilly in Dallas. The temps should be dropping into the forties by game time, so I guess all the tailgaters need to bundle up. I personally think this would be a great game to open up the dome and get that old fashioned, late season chill in the air football thing going on, but I don't think that'll happen.

Everyone's two cents worth after the jump.

You know Jerry Jones has something to say about things. For instance, he thinks that the teams involved have Super Bowl potential according to his interview with the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

"They're very big in the hunt as far as, if you will, a Super Bowl," Jones said, "because we saw a team last year, the Packers, come back and really play well at the end and get it. So they're there. But we're there, too."

If you are reading this, tanstaafl, feel free to clarify.

For the same quote, and a nice link to a video playbook feature, check out this version of Jerry's remarks over at

One of the big storylines this past week was about how Jason Garrett seemed to refuse to take any responsibility in front of the media for the timeouts at the end of the game. But there may be another side to the story that will get aired during NBC's coverage Sunday.

But now we await an interview DeMarcus Ware gives NBC's Michele Tafoya in which he says Garrett apologized to the team for his gaffe at the end of regulation. (The interview will air Sunday prior to the Cowboys-Giants game).

So is Garrett square with his team because he told them in private he was wrong?

Yes, he is.

Several players supported Garrett in public despite the mistake and said it's not his fault.

The Dallas Morning News has its bundle of game day articles. They look at how the teams match up, their keys to victory for the Cowboys, and the fact that the Cowboys have a five game losing streak on Sunday night they need to break. And one of those keys in turn may hinge on the return of the Fiery One, as their article about a lineup change to watch explains.

There has been noticeable difference in the Cowboys' running game when Tony Fiammetta has been sidelined. It has looked powerless and ineffective. And the statistics support the naked-eye assessment.

After all, when Fiammetta plays, the Cowboys average 2.3 more rushing yards per carry.

ESPN has their own supporting data for how much Fiammetta affects the Cowboys.

A quick look at the numbers show how much more productive the Cowboys running game has been with Fiammetta leading the way. His presence and success of the running game has also helped quarterback Tony Romo be a more efficient passer.

Without Fiammetta in the lineup, Romo has averaged more yards per game, but also attempted nine more passes per game to compensate for the lack of running production.

Oh, going back to DMN, they have an interview with Rob Ryan, who is a little puzzled about the level of concern over his defense.

"Guys, honestly now, I mean, they (the Cardinals) had a couple of drives there, but with 10 points in a half, that's not anything to jump off a building for,'' Ryan said. "I mean, although people around here are. But don't worry, they won't be this week or any other week.

"We're ready to go. We're excited about this challenge. If you want numbers out there, hell, we're in the top 10 in scoring defense, run defense, takeaways and sacks. That's usually pretty good.''

Umm, tan, you still around?

Not everyone is quite as sold on that. At the San Antonio Express-News, they point out that the defensive let downs are not helping things.

The Cowboys will enter tonight's NFC East showdown with the Giants ranked 11th in total defense. But that doesn't reflect how poorly the unit has played at times the last three games, particularly in crunch time.

Washington's Rex Grossman, Miami's Matt Moore and Arizona's Kevin Kolb will never be confused with Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, yet all three shredded Dallas' secondary in the second half of tight games.

The Express-News also has their five things to watch and their scouting report on the game. Not to mention reminding us all how important the game is.

Talk about pressure.

Nothing less than first place in the NFC East, Jason Garrett's credibility as a coach and what DeMarcus Ware termed their "manhood" will be at stake for the Dallas Cowboys when they host the New York Giants tonight at Cowboys Stadium.

When DWare says his manhood is on the line, that's some serious poop, man.

The New York media certainly is focused on this game, seeing it as pretty much a must win for the Giants.

The Cowboys are first on Justin Tuck's list, ahead of the Eagles and the Redskins. There's no team he hates more than America's Team.

And now the Giants must beat the Cowboys to make something special of their season.

I hope not.


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