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Poll: Top 5 Impact Defensive Plays

A quick jump back to last week's debacle with the Giants. Each week we do a top five defensive plays, this week, we'll do a top five impact plays on defense - good or bad. I didn't include special teams blunders/plays.

Make the jump if you want to play...

1. Sean Lee's interception. At the time, this looked like it could be a huge turning point.

2. Jason Pierre-Paul's sack/safety of Tony Romo. First score of the game, and two very important points later in the game.

3. Danny McCray stops Jake Ballard at the 1-yard-line delaying an eventual TD. This was a great play by McCray, but it actually ended up costing the Cowboys because they had to burn timeouts after it took New York a couple of plays to score.

4. DeMarcus Ware is offsides on a play where a bad snap would have cost New York 10 crucial yards and might have prevented one of their touchdowns late in the game.

5. Jason Pierre-Paul causes a Felix Jones fumble giving the Giants an easy three points.

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