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Storylines: What Will They Be Saying After The Cowboys-Bucs Game?

Win three in a row, and the Cowboys are NFC East champions. While that doesn't inspire much confidence amongst most of the fanbase, to use my favorite phrase, it is what it is. Dallas has touched down in Tampa Bay to prepare for tomorrow night's tilt against the 4-9 and reeling Bucs, and must be in playoff mode by kickoff.

The Bucs game isn't as important in terms of the tiebreakers that help decide the playoffs, but a loss to the Buccaneers could send this team into a spiral where more than just media and some impatient watchers start to doubt the current brain trust. This is one of those can't-win games. Even if the Cowboys emerge victorious, in a blowout no less, no one will even assume anything about future performance. The Bucs lost to a now 4-10 Jacksonville Jaguars squad that we just saw get demolished by Wild Card leaader Atlanta. They didn't just lose, they got spanked.

So what will folks be saying following tomorrow night's tilt, televised on NFL Network and locally in the Dallas-Ft. Worth markets? Answer the poll or supply your own storyline in the comments section.

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