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2012 Cowboys Mock Draft: Fixing The Secondary

Janoris Jenkins could be a target for the Cowboys in the April draft.
Janoris Jenkins could be a target for the Cowboys in the April draft.

SB Nation's lead draftnik, Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft, released his two round mock on Monday afternoon, and the article has been trending at the very top of the SBNation football articles since.

I can't say that I'm very pleased with the draft slot Dan has assigned the Cowboys. They draft sixteenth, and much to my chagrin, that's two spots ahead of the Giants who have the eighteenth selection (You can look up the latest draft order here). But Dan makes up for the draft slot by giving the Cowboys two picks that are bound to cause some discussion:

16. Dallas Cowboys - Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama
Pick any cornerback in the first round and he'd be an upgrade for the Cowboys. In fact, it won't be a surprise to see the Cowboys come out of the draft next year with two new cornerbacks. Jenkins has elite talent that is besieged by questionable character. If you think that would stop Jerry Jones from drafting Jenkins, you don't know much about the NFL.

48. Dallas Cowboys - Mark Barron, SS, Alabama
Abram Elam was so bad the Browns didn't want him back after last season. That should tell you plenty about the Cowboys' strong safety situation. Barron is an experienced, heady player who may never be a superstar but won't disappoint.

What's your take?

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