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Cowboys FanPost Of The Week: An Entire Season In A Single Catch

Good morning holiday shoppers. Looking for that gift for the Cowboys fan in your life that has everything? May I suggest that you get this special someone a year's worth of delicious, savory FanPosts, courtesy of the talented chefs at BTB kitchens. Each week, we'll deliver to his or her browser a cornucopia of sweet and salty goodness: passionate rants, daring predictions, and statistical acumen. Not yet sold? Allow me to offer a small preview of what's in store, then: a few tasty morsels from the last seven days of Cowboys FanPosting.

I'd like to start off by having you sample the wares of two of our most prestigious writers, each of whom comes from a long line of FanPosters to European Royalty. Best of all, both are guaranteed to be an integral part of each week's delicious array of FanPost goodness. The first of these is Fan in Thick and Thin, who has a PhD in statistical derring-do. Carefully unwrap his latest FP, the weekly installment of his TMQB series, and savor the delicious analysis he provides therein. The simple flavor of this week's offering is enhanced by a spicy comments section, with a piquant back-n-forth between FiTT and our own statistical maven, O.C.C. Its always fascinating to watch two great minds exchange ideas, especially about a topic you love. So come on over, and have a taste--and think: the lucky recipient of your largess will get this delivered each and every week.

More holiday FanPost goodness after the jump...

Still not sold? Well, perhaps our other established Post-master will persuade you. Of course, I'm speaking about the recent nominee for a James Beard Award for FanPosting deliciousness, that culinary marvel, ChiaCrack. As per usual, Chef Crack has been working overtime in his kitchen, preparing numerous sumptuous delicacies for your delectation. This week's offerings, fresh from the oven and direct to you, include the latest edition of the "building a Draft Board" series (on safeties); an early (if you ask me) distribution of game balls for the season; and a terrific piece on a potential Cowboys draft target, South Carolina DE/ OLB Melvin Ingram. I encourage each of you to sample these scrumptious snacks. No pushing; there's enough for all of you!

Not quite sure whether this is the right gift for that special someone? I think this last offering will seal the deal. I warn you: you better put on a bib, because this is juicy stuff, and you're going to want to dive right into it--and you don't want to get FanPost all over the new Christmas sweater your grandmother surely going to give you, do you? Okay, now that all of you are properly bibbed, allow me to share with you our FanPost of the Week, a brilliant step-by-step comparison of a juggling, one-handed Dez Bryant catch against the Buccaneers and the Cowboys season in general, brought to you by promising first-timer, the sharpestnick.

Save some room; this one comes in several courses. We begin with a palate cleanser, "The Ball Is On Its Way / Preseason." This is followed by a heavy second course, "The First Bobble / First Half Roller coaster." Next up is a refreshing chilled soup, "The First Recovery / 4 Game Win Streak." After that, we'll sample some cured meats from "The Second Bobble / Cardinals Game," paired with a salad of bitter greens that the chef calls "All Hope Is Lost / The Giants Game." This will be finished off by a delicious dessert course, which Nick calls "Return Of The Jedi / Bucs Game (and NYG Loss)." If you enjoyed these, you're sure to love the added gift, "Finishing The Job / Predicting The Future." Great stuff, Nick--very, very tasty.

I dare you to sample these and tell me that the Cowboys fan in your life wouldn't be thrilled to have a bevy of delicious, nutritious FanPost snackage that Nick and all the other BTB PanPosters will deliver each and every week? As someone who has received this holiday gift in the past, I state confidently that it will be sure to please. In addition, we'll provide a specialized envelope that will fit nicely in a Christmas stocking. Are you sold now? Yes? I thought so...

Happy Christmas, all! And: Go Cowboys!! Spank Dose Boids!!

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