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What Revenge Of The Birds Is Saying About The Dallas Cowboys

Time to go to Arizona to play the Cardinals. Here's what they are saying about the game at Revenge Of The Birds.
Time to go to Arizona to play the Cardinals. Here's what they are saying about the game at Revenge Of The Birds.

It's almost game time. The Dallas Cowboys are headed for Glendale, Arizona to play the Cardinals. And that means it's time for my weekly visit to the opponent's SBN franchise, in this case Revenge of the Birds. This is a good site, with some interesting stuff going on.

Early this week, I decided to do something a little different, and put up a post over there called Ask Blogging The Boys. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and the folks over there were very good hosts. One of the most interesting people over there was a guy who goes by AZ retiree. He is a little offbeat, with some very interesting things to say, not all of which quite make sense. As a matter of fact, I have wondered if this guy is somehow related to our own tanstaafl, in spirit if nothing else. I kept waiting for them to get into a discussion with one another. Although it may have been best that they didn't, because reading that exchange might have caused my head to explode.

Non self serving stuff after the jump.

One of the things I love to see is some good, objective analysis. It is something you get spoiled by at BTB, and the guys at ROTB are pretty good at it. Stopping DeMarco Murray takes a look at one of our favorite rookies and how he is likely to impact the game.

Murray has become a focal point of the Cowboys offense. His ability to carry the ball for big gains as well as receive it out of the backfield have made him yet another weapon in an already stacked offensive arsenal. If the Cardinals want to have any chance at defeating their old foes, the buck will have to stop with Murray.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals are likely to have a different quarterback this week than in their victory over the St. Louis Rams last week, since Kevin Kolb expects to play. Although they are not sure that this is a good thing, they are hopeful - and some of their feelings sneak out here.

Fans were ready to hand the starting job to John Skelton, but then he laid a couple of ugly eggs to the tune of five INTs and no TDs the last two games. A solid game by Kolb would be just what the fans need to get behind him and the team, considering the 3-1 record in his absence. Plus, it would be a quality win over a team that has won five out of six and give the team some buzz -- never mind the fact that we all love to see the Cowboys lose.

Everybody still loves to hate us. Which I kinda like.

Meanwhile, although they are thinking that the team is doing better, they still know they needs some more parts to make this thing work. So they have a Cardinals Christmas Wish List. Topping it is one we can relate to.

The offensive line, and specifically offensive tackles, are likely at the top of everyone's list of Cardinals needs.

Well, Christmas is the time for sharing and all - but they can't have our new tackle. We like him.

The Rams game was quite a good one for the Cards. Three Cardinals players recognized after the Rams game is a look at some of their top performers. And you will recognize the standard they use to list the recognition if you are familiar with our own OCC's work.

OL Daryn Colledge, DL Darnell Dockett and LB Daryl Washington all made Week 12 "All-PFF Team".

Of course, there was another standout for the game you might want to keep an eye out for - and I sure hope the Cowboys are paying him a lot of attention. Patrick Peterson ST player of the month talks about his record tying performance as a punt returner this year, and this kid is just sick at it.

And there was another record, but there is a possible cloud there, because Beanie Wells may need surgery.

Just last week he set a career-high and franchise record for rushing yards in a game for 228. On the season he has rushed for 849 yards and eight TDs.

All of this is while playing on a knee that is rumored to need surgery.

Which says a lot about the desire of the guy. Sounds like there is some RKG stuff going on in Arizona.

And he is not the only one. When I first saw the headline Darnell Dockett talks about Ndamukong Suh I was not sure what was coming, but it turns out to be some advice from one of the Cardinals defensive stars on how the Suh needs to learn to control himself. Stuff that Suh would be wise to heed.

One thing that does concern me about the game coming up is that the Cardinals still think they have a chance this season. A fanpost about the Cardinals still being able to make the playoffs talks briefly about this - and did have this kind of uncomplimentary thing to say.

Out of our five games we have three teams that are over .500 and the only one I can see us struggling against is San Fran. Dallas wins on defense primarily but with Wells running it and hopefully a rejuvenated Kolb's return we could pick on the Dallas secondary and then scare them with a pump fake and hand it off to Wells.

Well, I hope we can mess that up.

One thing I saw over there was the ROTB Roundtable. It was where five of the staff writers all take a shot at answering the same questions. Not the most original idea, but I found it interesting.

And speaking of questions, I always like to mention Dave's Five Questions with BTB. It is always fun to see how he presents things to the other guys. It's not about sucking up to the head guy. Well, not completely.

Finally there is their Game Prediction Thread. Not total homerism here - many loyally pick their team, but some know one key thing:


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