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Poll: Cowboys Top 5 Defensive Plays From Cardinals Game

Each week we do a top five defensive plays from the previous games. As awful as that game turned out to be, the Cowboys did notch five sacks during the Cardinals game. So we'll conveniently make those the top five. Vote on your favorite.

1) 6:01 in the first quarter, Cardinals have the ball on the Cowboys 32, 1st and 10. The Cards were marching into Cowboys territory and looking for an early lead. Kevin Kolb dropped back and inexplicably his offensive line forgot to block Jay Ratliff. Beanie Wells gives it a shot, but Rat goes right by him and chases Kolb down for a 1-yard sack. The cards eventually kick a FG.

2) 15:00 in the second quarter, Cards have the ball at their own 28, 1st and 10. Sean Lissemore gets popped by the guard and the center on this play, but keeps fighting. The Cowboys coverage is excellent, Kolb holds the ball too long and Lissemore circles around the edge for an 8-yard loss.

3) 13:50 in the second quarter, Cards ball on their own 25, 3rd and 13. This play happened two plays after the above Lissemore sack. Jason Hatcher goes into and around the right tackle straight to Kolb for a 5-yard sack. The Cards punt.

4) 5:03 in the second quarter, Cards ball on their own 12, 2nd and 11. Classic DeMarcus Ware. He sets up the right tackle with an outside move, goes back inside using his hands to push the RT away, then pushes the RG out of his way who is engaged with Jay Ratliff, and goes straight to Kolb for a 10-yard sack. Cards end up punting.

5) 9:51 in the fourth quarter, Cards ball at their own 40, 2nd and 9. Anthony Spencer was actually dropped into coverage and still got the sack. He floats out to the flats with the fullback in coverage, meanwhile Sean Lee goes untouched up the middle on a blitz flushing Kolb out of the pocket. Kolb scrambles for what he can get, but Spencer closes in from his coverage position and gets a 2-yard sack.

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