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Storylines: What Will They Be Saying After The Cowboys-Giants Game?

This Saturday marks my one-year anniversary as a front-page writer on BTB; to the chagrin of some and the delight of at least my mom. My first story here asked readers to select an unusual storyline that would appear in Monday morning's papers that signal the surprise theme of the Cowboys game.

It's a theme that evolved from local DC sports-talk radio (undoubtedly other cities as well), where on the Friday before a game, they'd take calls from listeners who would venture their best guess at what would transpire in the coming game. I'll resurrect this themed-post in honor of the anniversary, but mostly because there are so many ways that this crucial match-up could unfold.

The Giants are on a four-game losing streak, yet their most recent outing proved to be the toughest test that the undefeated Super Bowl champs have seen all season. Ahmad Bradshaw makes his return to team up with the biggest Cowboys hater ever, Brandon Jacobs.

The Cowboys suffered a loss in the quintessential trap game amidst late-game strategic errors and a deflated defense. Yet they still hold onto first-place in the division and control their own destiny. Two key members of their offense make their return just at the moment where people are wondering what has happened to a formerly explosive arsenal. The defensive effort appears to be doing alright, but looking at their recent Net YPA performances causes major cause for concern while battling Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and an apparently healthy Mario Manningham.

And that's without ever mentioning two of the leagues' most polarizing quarterbacks.

So, what do you think will be the storylines after the game is over? Will the season's themes play out, or will something unexpected steal the show? If you see a choice in the poll, give it a vote, but feel free to submit your own storylines in the comment section.

You can also follow the jump for a bit of anniversary sentimentality.

Here's what I wrote in my inaugural entry:

A small bit on what I hope will come through in my contributions. I'm a highly accountable fan's fan. I evaluate both sides of an argument, defend one, and then turn around and say 'but A doesn't always equate to B' because I like to formulate the consensus. I live in Redskins country and love it when friends say "You're the only Cowboys fan I can hold a football conversation with, you always have facts." And let's call it how it is, Blogging The Boys is graduate level Cowboys fandom. I stand by my opinions, but I do not wed myself to them. I'm flexible, but not a flip-flopper. I'm a fantasy football nutjob. I don't claim to be an expert, but I promise sound logic and the work it requires to be right more often than not. Let's dive into some Cowboys talk shall we?

I hope i haven't disappointed.

It's been a tremendously fulfilling honor to grace these pages and I'm thankful that so many of you have stuck with me. I've had the opportunity to represent BTB as a Cowboys "expert" on several radio stations, broken the news of a Cowboys hiring to the world, become a published sports writer and have been linked to by and other top national sports sites. To say this has been more than I ever dreamed of when I made my first 2010 "10 For 10" post would be the understatement of the century.

I owe Dave oodles for the opportunity and O.C.C. for more example-setting and behind-the-scenes support than the readers will ever know. Rabble is simply one of the best writers I've read and it's an honor to be on the same page. Aaron was a great resource when I came aboard, and I'm proud as hell to work alongside Brandon, KegB and our newest super-poster, piney Tom.

Thank you all, the heart of BTB, for reading my articles and engaging me in conversation, debate and the occasional battle royales. I'll continue trying to improve and look forward to many more discussions.

Cheers and a Tom Landry hat tip.


Oh, and don't forget to submit your 10 for 10 entries here.

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