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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Better Than A Protein Shake

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Amidst the week of Senior Bowl practice gumbo and the Pro Bowl luau party, there's still something shaking in the Cowboys kitchen. Here are the links that I found worth relaying to you; let's take a look at what we can cook up today.

--- Felix Jones and Tashard Choice go a long way in showing they aren't taking their fortunate positions for granted. They're kicking off Super Bowl week playing Financial Football in an effort to help the money management skills of Texas teenagers. [] I'll always make it a point to highlight these kinds of stories when I come across them, as players are often cast in the "greedy, me-first" light. Sometimes, some guys are doing the right thing.

--- I bet Jerry didn't think of this aspect of sacrificing our home stadium to the league's business... the Green Bay Packers are using the Cowboys home locker rooms to get ready for the big game. [] Now I don't know about you, but I get in a bad mood when people I don't like come anywhere near my zip code, much less ask to use my bathroom. Ask certain members of my girlfriend's family- I can't imagine the feeling of returning to my locker in August knowing that a Packer hung his jock strap up on that hook. Call the fumigator, stat.

--- I'm never the type to talk publicly about another dude's personal dealings, but it is newsworthy and has to be reported. Hall of Fame wideout Michael Irvin has reached an out of court settlement stemming from a 2007 lawsuit filed against him for sexual assault. [] It would be nice to think this is the last time Irvin is associated with this type of story.

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--- Jason Witten knows that he can win with Tony Romo, per an interview he gave KESN-FM on Friday. [] That Witten, he's a smart guy. He says the same thing I've been claiming about Romo's time on the sideline this season and I'm glad to hear the confidence from someone in the loop.

I think he’s more motivated now than he’s ever been and throughout this experience: getting hurt, having to watch and see us fight like we did and watching Kitna come in and play so well and just wanting to be a part of that. It’s hard when the game is taken away from you like that and I think this experience is going to make him a better quarterback because of it, and I know he’s anxious to go back out there and play and lead our team and jump back into the foxhole with us.

--- Here's Bob Sturm with an analysis of the best tight end in the game, Dallas' Jason Witten.

--- One of the few complaints I have from the Parcells era was my thought that his style of not respecting kickers hurt their performance. I think he used kickers as his release valve and, in that vein, he moved too quickly releasing Billy Cundiff in 2005. Cundiff just signed a 5 year extension with the Baltimore Ravens and just finished kicking in the Pro Bowl for the AFC. When was the last time we had a stable kicking situation?

---Speaking of front office decision makers, can we talk honest? This past season sucked. I know, not exactly a newsflash there, KD. What is different is that someone very high up, who reports directly to the man that would probably never come out and say it, is the one echoing that sentiment. Future guy in charge Stephen Jones say that the 2010 season was 'the worst we've had'. [Michael Silver, Yahoo Sports]

So there are your tidbits Cowboys fans- go ahead and feel free to talk with your mouthful.

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