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Cam Newton Number One Prospect in 2011 Draft?

According to Tony Pauline, formerly of and now with, at least six NFL teams have Cam Newton rated as the top prospect on their boards for the 2011 draft. The top prospect. Not just the top quarterback. Here's Pauline's take:

Last week in San Antonio at least six different teams said they rank Auburn quarterback Cam Newton as the number one prospect in the draft. The opinions were comprised from scouts, personnel directors and a few coaches. All had Newton rated clearly higher than Da'Quan Bowers, Nick Fairley, Marcel Dareus and competing signal caller Blaine Gabbert.

If true, this could spell good news for the Cowboys.

Any QB in the top ten is likely to push one of the draft's five or six true blue-chip prospects down closer or even all the way to Dallas' spot at #9. In addition to Newton, Blaine Gabbert has recently seen his fortunes rise in many mock drafts, and could be another quarterback with a legitimate shot at being picked in the top ten.

Also, teams in the mid-teens in need of a quarterback might be tempted to trade with the Cowboys to get closer to their candidate, particularly if they feel the need to jump the Redskins, at pick #10, who look like they might be looking for a passer in this draft.

Brian Galliford of SB Nation has a detailed rundown of teams he believes could be in the hunt for Newton, five of which pick ahead of the Cowboys: the Panthers, Bills, Cardinals, 49ers and Titans.

The Redskins are the 6th team right below the Cowboys, and Galliford also sees the Vikings (#12) and Miami (#15) as QB-needy teams. If no blue chip prospect is left for the Cowboys at #9 a trade with the Vikings or Dolphins could make sense, as Dallas would be able to get an additional pick or two and would likely be in the perfect spot to pick and choose any of the offensive tackles in Tyron Smith, Nate Solder, Anthony Castonzo or Gabe Carimi.

When things sound too good to be true, they usually are. Cam Newton the #1 pick? What do you think?

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