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Good Bye Eagles, Hello Cowboys In The NFC East?

The Philadelphia Eagles are the defending NFC East champs, but today is leading with a story about why Dallas is poised to take the crown.

In a video segment for NFL Total Access, Charles Davis and Adam Archuleta look at which teams didn't make the playoffs in 2010 will make them in 2011.

Archuleta, a safety and former first round pick for the St. Louis Rams, whose biggest claim to fame in my eyes is undoubtedly the fact that he married playmate Jennifer Walcott, likes the Cowboys to take the East in 2011. Here's his rationale for the Dallas Cowboys replacing the Eagles in the playoffs in 2011:

"I like what they did when Jason Garrett took over at the midpoint of the season, going 5-3. He made a more disciplined, tougher practice, and they came out with a brand new identity. I think next year they're going to put all the pieces together. The NFC East is gonna be a beast, but the Dallas Cowboys are going to supplant the Philadelphia Eagles"

Charles Davis then adds this little nugget:

"And they get Dez Bryant back from the broken leg. He was tremendous as a rookie last year."

Their picks for new teams in the 2011 Playoffs:

Archeluta: Rams, Chargers, Cowboys, Texans, Buccaneers

Charles Davis: 49ers, Chargers, Giants, Raiders, Buccaneers

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