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Dallas Cowboys Hire Strength Coach Mike Woicik

The Star-Telegram confirms what has been rumored, the deal for Patriots strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik is done. The former coach during the Cowboys dynasty days of the 90s will be returning to Valley Ranch.

I applaud this move. Not that I had anything against Joe Juraszek, and I wish him well with the medical issues that had him take leave midway through last season. I really don't have a view into the inner-workings of the Cowboys offseason programs or in-season maintenance.

But here's what I do know.

Mike Woicik's time in the NFL coincides with two dynasties - the Cowboys of the 90s and the Patriots of the 00s. He has six Super Bowl rings. After reading his bio, and how he treats the conditioning programs in the offseason, I'm a fan.

And knowing that he has a connection with Dallas' glory days gone by is reassuring, it seems Jason Garrett is serious about getting back to the 'Cowboy Way'. That's a pretty nebulous term, but in the 90s, it meant Super Bowls. So I'm clinging to the hope of a revival under the red-headed genius and his new staff.

Sometimes players just need a new voice to motivate them. Jason Garrett's makeover of the coaching staff (excepting most of the offense) is a strong move to stamp his kind of coaching philosophy on the Cowboys.

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