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NFL Lockout Lunacy: NFL Files Charges Against NFLPA

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In the continuing lunacy that is the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, we have a new twist in the tale. Remember back a few weeks, a lot of people were talking optimistically about how the sides were now meeting, and a few owners were feeling confident something would get done.

Well, that all went away when talks collapsed last week. And now, the NFL has taken it one step further. They've filed charges against the player's union with the National Labor Relations Board for not bargaining in good faith.


The NFL says the union wants to avoid reaching a new collective bargaining agreement by the early March expiration of the old deal.

The league says the union wants to decertify so it can file an antitrust lawsuit.

The filing with the NLRB says the "union's strategy amounts to an unlawful anticipatory refusal to bargain."

Yeah, this doesn't look to be getting any better. The you read what Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth says, he's been part of the players that are negotiating, and you can sense how things were going in that room.

What is the sticking point?:

"That’s the difficult thing. … It feels kind of like whack-a-mole. They’ll say this is one issue and we’ll whack that mole and then something else will pop up that this is the major issue. We’re always trying to catch up to what it is. That’s why I feel that’s part of the strategy. … Some people want us to get to a lockout and some people recognize how lucrative this business is … and what to make sure it goes forward."

They can't agree about what they're disagreeing on, and both sides seem to think the other one wants the lockout to happen for their own reasons.

Pray for us football fanatics, this could be a long offseason.

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