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Shaun Rogers On Dallas Cowboys Coordinator Rob Ryan

Last week, the Cleveland Browns released Shaun Rogers after a 2010 season that was hampered by injury. Of course, Rob Ryan was his coordinator in Cleveland the last few years, so we speculated on whether the Cowboys and Ryan might be interested in getting Rogers for the Cowboys 3-4 defense. This would likely mean that Jay Ratliff would have to move, and no one is sure if Jason Garrett, Rob Ryan or Jay Ratliff wants that to happen. But, it's the offseason, so it was a fun topic anyway.

Rogers has reportedly met with the Redskins, and today it appears he'll be visiting with the Kansas City Chiefs. It's also been said he's drawn interest from a third of the teams in the NFL. He can sign with anybody because of this stipulation:

Veterans with four or more years of service, released before the current collective bargaining agreement expires March 3, are eligible to sign with another team.

Read on for Rogers discussing Rob Ryan...

So, lots of teams interested to some extent, some bringing him in for visits. We haven't heard anything on the Cowboys making a move, but recently Shaun Rogers was asked about Rob Ryan. Here's what he said.

"Coach Ryan is great. If guys like what they see in his brother, they’re twins so you’re getting the same thing. The level of excitement, the attitude – I want to put this the right way – it’s not a bad attitude, but it’s that swagger and confidence that they possess and what they do and provide to their defense. Defenses are built on attitude. Their attitude most definitely carries over to their defenses. As you see his brother was a D-Coordinator to the Ravens and they had a top defense for a long time. He went to the Jets and brought that same attitude and that toughness to their defense. I think Rob most definitely has that ability. He did well in Oakland and came to Cleveland and made strides with our defense there in several categories. I think with the level of talent in Dallas he will do well."

There's that word again - attitude. Seems like everyone brings it up when discussing either of the Ryan twins.

Will the Cowboys have a new defensive attitude in 2011? Can't wait to find out, if they would just get a stupid deal done between the owners and players.

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