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Rob Ryan, Other Cowboys Assistants Speak To The Media

The Dallas Cowboys finally announced their new coaching staff today, officially that is, and made them available to the press for a short time. O.C.C. had told us this morning they were going to do it, and he has a breakdown of the coaching staff in his post.

Based on what I'm reading so far, not a whole lot was said that was newsworthy. Except the idea that Rob Ryan has no problems with Jay Ratliff where he is - at nose tackle. Now, I guess he could change his mind later, but for now, consider Jay Ratliff your starting nose tackle.

From ESPN Dallas:

"He's a great player," Ryan said of Ratliff. "Our system can find a spot for any great player. He's going to do just fine over the football."

Most reporters said Rob Ryan lived up to reputation; he declared the Cowboys were going to have a great defense in 2011 and that he was the right guy for the job.

"To be honest with you, I haven't seen talent like this on a defense in a long time," [Rob] Ryan said. "I'm awfully anxious to get going with them."

"The problems and all that? Hey, I'm not here to farm anybody else's land," Ryan said. "I'm going to do a great [expletive] job and you're going to see that."

 "We're going to be a great defense," Ryan said. "If I never said that, if I didn't believe that, then you've got the wrong guy. But the right guy is standing here in front of you."

Wade Wilson discussed Tony Romo for a bit. He said Romo's been throwing some and that he looks all good with his mechanics, velocity, etc. He went on to talk about Romo and leadership.

"I think that's overblown, the leadership part," Wilson said. "Having had the game taken away from him the last half of last year there's a new -- I don't want to say new -- there's a renewed sense of what's important."

"I know he said that right after the Philly game that if we don't have an offseason, he's going to take charge and get guys together. That's what you like to hear."

And finally, we'd be remiss if we didn't give some time to Dave Campo, a guy who survived after basically having his job offered to someone else.

"Jason made it very clear to me right from the very beginning that he wanted to try to get some new ideas, new things in, which I think he’s done a great job of the guys he’s added to the staff," Campo said.

"I did not know exactly what my role was going to be. But he made it clear to me that he wanted me to be here and be part of it and to help him. That’s all I really care about at this point in my career.

"Now, would I have wanted to come off the field? No, because I enjoy being on the field. I enjoy the teaching part and I think that’s my strength."


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