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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Troy Aikman Talks Cowboys Super Bowl Prospects

--- Came across this piece from earlier today, where Troy Aikman is asked about whether or not he can envision the Cowboys winning a Super Bowl anytime soon. His response:

“It’s a hard one,” Aikman said, “because I think they are so close but so far away.”

I'd like to jump all over Troy for being on both sides of the fence, but in reality, I think that represents the sentiments we all have about the team. We feel like we have many of the important pieces already in place, but the supporting pieces aren't up to the level they need to be. Worse is that we can't, with any semblance  of believability, say the front office is in the position to bring those pieces in.

“Relatively speaking, they haven’t really done much,” Aikman said. “I don’t think it’s right to say they’re knocking on the door when they’re not proven. I think they’ve got to develop some consistency before we continue to talk about them as Super Bowl contenders.”

We hope that the hiring of Jason Garrett helps fix some of the leadership issues we've had in Big D, what else do you think needs to be done to get us back to the promise land?

--- As O.C.C. reported yesterday, it looks like Cleveland will not be retaining the services of Brian Cox. He could fill one of the remaining voids in the Dallas coaching staff. Owner Jerry Jones sees no reason to rush the decisions, stating there is "no timetable". That is probably because, save for the recent openings on the Tennessee Titans' staff, much of the coaching carousel has come to a stop. [SportsDay DFW]. Who are your suggestions to fill the three openings of assistant o-line, d-line and receivers coaches?

--- Here is a mainstream article that uses quotes from the Super Bowl participants to do a poor man's recreation of Chandus' amazing analytical Fan Post on Rex Ryan's defense. I've read Chandus' piece three times now and when I saw this article, I chuckled. Chandus' post has been knocked off the front page because of the time factor, but it should remain in our collective consciousness throughout the off-season. []

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