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Cowboys Mock Draft Roundup: Players The Cowboys Might Pass On

We usually do these mock draft round-ups towards the end of the week here on BTB, but as I was leafing through some of the mocks released last week, I was struck by a thought that surprised me a little.

When reading the mocks, I usually would look at the number nine spot and then would look at the names of the players taken by the teams ahead of the Cowboys. The occasional sigh would escape my lips as I marveled at how close we were to getting this or that player. But what I hardly ever did was look at the players that the Cowboys passed on in a particular mock draft.

Today we remedy that by looking at a bunch of mocks, who they have the Cowboys picking, and just as importantly, which potential top ten pick they have the Cowboys passing on. The results after the break.

The basis for this list is the BTB grade that rabblerousr gave each scout in his recent post "Scouting The Scouts". To my knowledge, Mike Mayock and Gary Horton, who both graded out very high, have not released their mocks yet, so they aren't included in this overview for now.

BTB Grade Source Date Player Position College Notes
Nolan Nawrocki (Pro Football Weekly) 2/8/11
J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin Passed on Prince Amukamara
Wes Bunting (Nat'l Football Post) 2/10/11
Robert Quinn DE North Carolina Passed on Marcel Dareus, Amukamara
Russ Lande (Sporting News) 2/15/11
Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska Passed on Cameron Jordan
Dan Shonka (Ourlads) 16/2/11
Nate Solder
LOT Colorado Passed on Jordan, Dareus, Watt, Von Miller
Scott Wright (Draft Countdown) 15/2/11
J.J. Watt DE
Wisconsin Passed on Amukamara, Jordan
Mel Kiper (ESPN) 16/2/11
Prince Amukamara CB
Nebraska Passed on Robert Quinn, Jordan
Todd McShay (ESPN) 10/12/11
J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin Passed on Quinn, Jordan
Walter Football 16/2/11
Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska Passed on Quinn, Jordan
Draft Season 14/2/11
Von Miller OLB Texas A&M Passed on Dareus, Watt, Jordan
Great Blue North Draft Report 14/2/11
Prince Amukamara CB
Nebraska Passed on Quinn, Jordan, Watt
UDFA Mocking The Draft 5/2/11 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska Passed on Dareus
UDFA Draft Ace 20/2/11 Marcel Dareus
DE Alabama Passed on Watt, Amukamara
UDFA Drafttek 15/2/11 Anthony Castonzo
LOT Boston College
Passed on Miller, Dareus, Watt

In the 13 mocks above, Prince Amukamara is the Cowboys' pick five times, J.J. Watt comes in second with three picks. If we look at the players who would still have been available, Cameron Jordan would have been available at pick #9 eight times, followed by Marcel Dareus (5), Watt (5), Amukamara (4), and Robert Quinn (4).

Given these options, do you think the Cowboys will be spoiled for choice at the number nine spot, or should they trade down and grab an O-lineman?

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