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Bob Sanders And The Dallas Cowboys: Yes Or No?

Everybody probably knows by now that the Indianapolis Colts are cutting ties with their incredibly talented, but oft-injured, safety, Bob Sanders. Sanders was Defensive Player of the Year in 2007, he's a ferocious hitter and a top-notch run-stopping safety. But because of his small stature and violent play, he's spent more time on the sidelines and in the training room than he has on the field.

An area of need for the Dallas Cowboys is safety. Alan Ball had a poor season at free safety and Gerald Sensabaugh was steady, if not spectacular. Draftniks have said this year's draft class isn't the best for safeties, it may be a case where the Cowboys could not get immediate help from the draft. Now, Dallas had some young players show promise in 2010 at the position, Barry Church and Danny McCray turned out to be better than expected, but were mainly shining on special teams, not in the regular defense. Plus, there's the question of where to play Sanders, his game seems like a more natural fit at strong safety, not free safety.

There's been a lot of discussion already connecting Sanders and the Cowboys. We've had some lively discussion already on BTB. KD brought it up in this article, and others have mentioned it in this FanPost, and in this FanShot. Other sites have jumped on the bandwagon and discussed the possibility of Sanders and the Cowboys hooking up. You can check that out here and here.

So let's put it to a vote, in simple terms.

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