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Cowboys Running Back Marion Barber Detained By Police, Not Arrested

Of all places, we go to TMZ for a story involving Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber. Seems Barber got himself into a bit of trouble in Los Angeles for allegedly disturbing the peace at a hotel.

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops received a call from SLS Hotel security complaining that Barber was being a disturbance.

We're told Barber was detained by police -- placed inside of a cop car in front of the hotel and investigated. Barber was neither arrested nor cited.

They've got footage of MB3 checking out of the hotel after he agreed to leave. Nothing that interesting in the video, though.

For Barber, who has an uncertain future with the Cowboys, this can't help that situation. But Barber is a talented guy who still has some tread left on the tire, if he's not playing with the Cowboys, he'll be playing for another team in 2011. Assuming there is a 2011 season.

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