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Which Current Dallas Cowboys Are Hall Of Fame Candidates?

It happens every offseason. We, meaning people who write about football, end up with all kinds of crazy ideas when trying to fill the long months of the offseason. When thinking of subjects to write about, your mind can wander all over the map. I think that's what happened when Michael Beacom, who writes for Pro Football Weekly, wondered about 100 current NFL players who might be Hall of Fame-worthy.

Okay, it's a crazy idea, but it's also pretty fun. I have to give him credit for taking a shot at it, coming up with the 100 players must have been a laborious task. Any player considered for the list had to be in the league a minimum of five years. For fun and discussion, check out the entire list to pass some offseason time.

He separated the players into categories that include Locks (100% chance of making the Hall), On Their Way (75% chance), Maybe, Maybe Not (50% chance) and Don't Hold Your Breath (25% chance). Also, he added a final category that was very important to the whole enterprise - Need More Data. These are guys who look like they could be going to the Hall, but just haven't had enough playing time to know for sure.

Let's look at current Cowboys that make his list.

MAYBE, MAYBE NOT: Stars that have had a splendid career, just maybe not Hall of Fame-caliber. Each has a 50-50 shot at best.

TE Jason Witten, Cowboys — Has five seasons with 80 or more catches. Antonio Gates can't say that.

I think if Jason Witten keeps on his current trajectory, he stands a better that 50-50 shot. By then end of his career, if things continue this way, he is going to put up some gaudy numbers for a tight end. And he's a valuable blocker, too.

DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH: Players that have not been able to sustain a level of success consistent with a Hall of Fame career. Each has a 25 percent chance at best.

ILB Keith Brooking, Cowboys — His pregame pep talks have overshadowed five consecutive Pro Bowl invites in the beginning of the 2000s.

I have to agree here, although a 25% chance is probably too high. Brooking belongs in the Hall Of Very Good, but just wasn't quite Hall of Fame-worthy. He's truly a Falcon, anyway.

NEED MORE DATA: Players whose legacy has yet to be decided. Each has Hall of Fame qualities on their incomplete Canton résumé.

OLB DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys — One more year like the past five and he'll be in the 75 percent group. QB

Tony Romo, Cowboys — Not far from being crammed into the "Don't hold your breath" category. Romo needs to win big, and quickly, to establish a lasting legacy.

WR Miles Austin, Cowboys — Only two productive seasons so far.

On DeMarcus Ware, there's no doubt if he remains healthy and continues to be the player he has been, he'll make it. He's as good as they come in the league.

I have to agree with the comments about Tony Romo, too. He got a little bit of a late start to his starting career, so while his season average stats are superb, he'll be missing a few years that other QBs  have for a cumulative career. He could certainly make up for that, but he needs some big, signature wins, i.e. Super Bowls.

Get back to me in 2-3 years on Miles Austin, and I'll let you know then if he's got a chance.

What's your take on the list and the Cowboys on it?

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