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Cowboys Cornerback Terence Newman: No Support For An 18-Game Schedule

Terence Newman is a happy guy, but not when it comes to an 18-game schedule
Terence Newman is a happy guy, but not when it comes to an 18-game schedule

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman was recently asked about the proposed 18-game schedule. Echoing what a lot of players before him have said, he doesn't like it. In fact, he says that nobody among the players wants to add two games onto the schedule.

Would you play an 18-game schedule?

I don’t want to play an 18-game schedule. Nobody does. But, regardless, there will be a deal. The thing is people are concerned about our health. It’s a dangerous sport; people end up having their careers taken, having their lives taken and being paralyzed, so for two games where guys don’t get paid, it’s not worth it.

I can see his point, the combination of potential injury plus not truly being compensated for the additional games is surely causing an issue for the players.

More after the poll...

The weird thing is that I agree with him. Why is that weird? Because as a fan I would've thought I'd want all the football I could get. But in this case, I'd rather see the league stick with a 16-game schedule. Watching the MASH unit that are NFL teams at the end of the season, where the numbers of players on IR grow, and that would seem to only get worse with additional games, just isn't worth it.

The playoffs could see even more star players injured and teams going to reserve players. Of course, that didn't stop the Green Bay Packers, who had guys dropping like flies, yet still won the whole thing. Still, on balance, I'm against an increased schedule.

But that doesn't mean you are. Vote in the poll as to your opinion, then drop your reasoning on us in the comments.

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