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Follow Me! Cowboys Players on Twitter


NFL players today are more accessible than they’ve ever been, thanks in large part to new social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. ‘Follow’ an athlete and you’ll get access to the players in a way not possible before. You can have "conversations" with them, you can read along as they interact with their friends and followers, you can see the pictures they take and even videos they post, and all of it live, direct and unfiltered. You can even get direct feedback on a post you made, like the picture on the right shows (You're very welcome, Mr. Sensabaugh).

Tweeting Athletes, a nice resource providing an easily accesible overview of professional athletes with twitter accounts, shows that there are 916 people with NFL ties who are tweeting (Including former players and NFL draft prospects, but excluding front office staff like @realjerryjones), more than in any other sport.

Almost half the Cowboys roster, 30 players, have a twitter account. The most followed player is Miles Austin with more than 100,000 people keeping up with his hectic travel schedule and his frequent twittering of whatever song lyrics are going through his head at any given moment. Thanks to Twitter, we also know that Marion Barber likes to quote scripture, and Jason Witten is putting up obstacle courses for his young son to get him jump started for a career in his father's footsteps. All 30 players, as well as the highlights of what some of them have been tweeting, after the break.

Personally, I don’t follow a single Cowboys player, heck, I don’t even have a twitter account. I occasionally leaf through a player’s tweets/twitters/twitterings to see if any of the players have a reaction to a piece of Cowboys news, but other than that it I always find it a bit awkward going through those tweets. I feel a little like I’m eavesdropping on a bunch of personal stuff that really isn't intended for "fans" to see.

But sometimes the occasional tweet provides a level of insight into player that would not otherwise have been possible. Reading through all of these often semi-private tweets you get a better appreciation for the person behind the athlete, for their concerns, their insecurities, what they laugh about, what car they drive (Dez drives a white Bentley), what presents they got their kids etc., and you begin to realize they're people just like you and me, only with a marginally bigger paycheck.

So today I put all awkwardness aside and went trolling through the Cowboys player tweets. Here are some of the tweets that caught my attention´:

Careful what you're saying. If you thought the players don’t at least drop by BTB or SB Nation occasionally, think again. The picture at the top of the post makes it clear that Gerald Sensabaugh dropped by at least once, and even Chris Gronkowski quoted an SB Nation article recently:

Chrisgronkowski: check out De Smith getting it done

Players talking about their coaches. Here's a twitter exchange between Jessey Holley (Mr4thAndLong) and Kevin Ogletree (KOforPrez) discussing Mike Woicik. Sensabaugh weighs in on Rob Ryan.

Mr4thAndLong Dear Mother Nature, if u think 4 1 sec that just becuz u sent a lil rain my way that its gonna stop me from going 2 the gym?
KOforPrez: 6 rings I think he knows what he is doing
Mr4thAndLong @KOforPrez lol lol lol lol them abs sore huh?
KOforPrez @Mr4thAndLong not yet but my quads just texted me and said they are gunn a b sore later tonight/tomorrow
another great day in the gym!! like my boy @KOforPrez "he didnt win 6 rings by mistake
@Gsensabaugh Had a chance to meet up with Rob Ryan and the defensive staff to talk a little football. Very excited about what he's bringing to the boys"

Free life advice. Cowboys player also like to dispense quality life advice to us fans. Can't really argue with any of it.

Asendejo (Andrew Sendejo) Started talking to a cute girl. Jersey shore came up. She said she would marry Pauly D if she could. I walked away.
dannydmac44 (Danny McCray) starting to question the character of some guys I use to hang wit!.. #got2bmocareful
hatcher97 (Jason Hatcher): Parents: stop making up names and naming your kids. That's not right!!! I just saw a kid named Anautika. Lmao!!!!
tchoice23 (Tashard Choice): Grammys are terrible how come I don't know any people that win. Well I'm turning to To catch a predator.

Barry Church is bored:

BarryChurch42 In need of something to do asap
After ten minutes he comes up with a great plan
BarryChurch42 Should I get my first tatoo or keep it clean?
BarryChurch42 Man torn between gettin a tat or not guess I'll sleep on it
Will he or won't he?
BarryChurch42 The angry birds App, may be the best app to kill time
Barry keeps it clean and plays one of the best apps available

Martellus Bennett takes pleasure from an unlikely source:

KungFuAstronaut Sooo I'm about to read my children's book to like 200 kids. Hopefully they like it if not then they must not know wats good for. Evil laugh
KungFuAstronaut I go on in like 10 mins wish me luck. Lol
an hour later …
KungFuAstronaut They loved it. Yes!

The weight room: where players spend a lot of their offseason time

StephenMcGee07 (Stephen McGee) Got a date w the weight room for Vday- romantic
AlexDaniels4 (Alex Daniels) I went to the gym twice very Beasty
bmac929 (Bryan McCann) Back on my grind today. Took a lil time off for superbowl week but now I'm back in the weight room gettin better. I GOTTA EAT
jbrent92 (Josh Brent) Just got done with a workout. Re-fueling with @OneCoconut...
bigsyoung76 (Sam Young) morning yall off to get another great workout in today!
DEZ_88 (Dez Bryant) Rehab on the ankle first... then hit the weight room

Finally, a thought by Tashard Choice that is echoed in various forms by almost all players at one time or another:

I love Sunday mornings. God is good all the time. What a life I live. What a great family I have but what a wonderful God I serve. Be bless

Here’s a list of all the Cowboys players with a Twitter account that I’m aware of. They are ranked by number of followers. * denotes accounts that have been inactive for quite some time.

Rank Player Followers Twitter Rank Player Followers Twitter
1 Miles Austin 102,888 @MilesAustinIII 16 Martin Rucker 3,022 @RuckerSouthSide
2 Dez Bryant 56,705 @DEZ_88 17 Stephen McGee 2,425 @StephenMcGee07
3 Jason Witten 35,106 @JasonWitten 18 Stephen Bowen* 2,385 @S_Bowen72
4 Martellus Bennett 34,250 @KungFuAstronaut 19 Chris Gronkowski 2,228 @Chrisgronkowski
5 Marion Barber 30,447 @24marionbarber 20 Bryan McCann 2,210 @bmac929
6 Marc Colombo 29,793 @marccolombo 21 Alan Ball* 1,810 @TheRealAlanBall
7 Tashard Choice 24,331 @tchoice23 22 Brandon Williams* 1,694 @bwill59
8 Felix Jones 15,193 @felixjones28 23 Sam Young 1,336 @bigsyoung76
9 Kevin Ogletree 9,959 @KOforPrez 24 Barry Church 1,161 @BarryChurch42
10 Marcus Spears 9,938 @mspear96 25 Alex Daniels 618 @AlexDaniels4
11 Gerald Sensabaugh 8,848 @Gsensabaugh 26 Danny McCray 488 @dannydmac44
12 Leonard Davis 7,693 @LeonardDavis70 27 Terence Newman* 427 @terencenewman41
13 Jesse Holley 6,424 @Mr4thAndLong 28 Manuel Johnson* 204 @ManuelJohnson
14 Jason Hatcher 5,195 @hatcher97 29 Josh Brent 168 @jbrent92
15 Orlando Scandrick* 3,871 @oscandrick32 30 Andrew Sendejo 152 @Asendejo

We know that more than 2,500 of you follow BTB on Twitter, but do you follow an NFL player on Twitter? Or do you follow any news sources with any regularity on Twitter? Let us know which it is in the attached poll, and feel free to express your thoughts on the twittering athlete in general as well.

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