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Should Cowboys Trade Draft Picks With The Patriots?

The Patriots, thanks to some shrewd maneuvering, have three picks in the top 33 in the 2011 draft. Overall, they have accumulated nine draft picks so far, six of which are in the first three rounds. The Patriots may not have enough roster spots to accommodate so many picks, so there has been rampant speculation about what, if anything, the Patriots will do with all those draft picks.

Yesterday, Patriots evil overlord head coach Bill Belichick talked with NFL Network's Mike Lombardi about the team's picks, and what the Patriots might do with them. Belichick said the Patriots have already received interest in their three draft picks:

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"We've already had a couple offers on them. We'll see what happens. We'll do whatever we can to improve the team, whether that's move up, move down, or stay where we are, and just try to add more players and more depth to our roster."

Could the Cowboys be one of the teams talking to the Patriots? A lot will of course depends on who calls whom, but going strictly by the trade value chart, here are some possible trade combinations:

Cowboys 9th and 140th (1386 pts) = Patriots 17th, 60th and 92nd (1382 pts)
Cowboys 9th and 71st (1585 pts) = Patriots 17th, 33rd and 124th (1578 pts)
Cowboys 9th & 40th & 140th (1886 pts) = Patriots 17th, 28th and 60th (1910 pts)

Should the Cowboys follow BTB member CMDR's advice: "Never trade with NE. They win every time. When NE calls you hang up the phone," or should they pursue such a trade scenario with the Patriots?

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