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Randy White Interview: Speaking With The Cowboys Legend At The 2011 Super Bowl (Part II)

Earlier today, I posted Part 1 of my interview with Randy White. Here's Part 2, talking about the current Dallas Cowboys, including Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan.

Blogging The Boys: When you look at the Cowboys defensive line of today, what do you think?

Randy White: I think they have a lot of great players, you look at the talent they have with DeMarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff, they have the foundation there to have a great defensive line and linebackers. I think there's a few other spots there that need to be filled in, but I think they got a good nucleus to have an excellent defense. This year, obviously, was a disappointing year all the way around, but they have a good nucleus moving forward to have an excellent defense.

BTB: The Cowboys play a 3-4 defense now, where would you have played in a 3-4 defense?

RW: I probably would have played in a linebacker's spot in a 3-4 defense. Being 6-4, 265 to 270 pounds, I probably would have played one of those linebacker spots which would have been a lot of fun to play. As far as playing the nose tackle in a 3-4 defense, I don't think I could make it at my size, because these guys have gotten so big, it would have been quite a pounding in the middle.

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BTB: Do you think you would have played inside or outside linebacker in a 3-4?

RW: I think I could have played either one. I don't think it would have made a lot of difference. When you watch James Harrison play, the way he plays, and Clay Matthews from the Green Bay Packers, those are kind of like the prototype linebackers of a 3-4 defense. That's where I think I would have played, one of those type positions.

BTB: That probably would have been a lot of fun.

RW: Yeah, a lot more freedom than we had with the Flex.

BTB: What are your thoughts on Jason Garrett?

RW: I like Jason Garret, I like the things he's done when he came in and took over as the interim head coach, and look forward to him being the head coach of the football team. I think he can take this team in the direction they need to go and be a good leader for us, so I'm 110% behind Jason Garrett.

BTB: Do you know much about new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan?

RW: Not much, but I played against his Dad's defense, and watched the Jets play the last couple of years. You know Rob is part of that family, he brings to the table all that knowledge and all that experience so I think he's going to be a great addition to this football team, too.  From a defensive standpoint, the energy he's going to bring, and the attitude he's going to bring, I think is something that is going to be very positive for this football team.

BTB: You talked about playing against his Dad's defense, what were they like?

RW: You look at the '85 Bears, when they had Dan Hapmton, Richard Dent, and Mike Singletary, that whole crew, and nobody could do anything against that defense that year. Those guys were good and it was a philosophy that they'll outnumber you on the line of scrimmage, and force your quarterback to find the open guy before they can get to you. And that was pretty tough to do.

BTB: Do you think that some of that will transfer over to what Rob is going to try and do in Dallas?

RW: I'm sure, I'm sure that will be a part of it, you look at what his brother is doing with that Jets defense, it's all there. They wrap it in different packages but it's the same thing.

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