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Saints Dispute Sean Payton To Cowboys Rumor, Eagles Deny Jon Gruden To Philly Rumor

Our SB Nation friends from Canal Street Chronicles chronicled and quickly debunked rumors that surfaced yesterday about Sean Payton becoming the G.M. in Dallas. Their story is aptly titled: "Totally Random, Ridiculous and Unconfirmed Internet Rumor: Sean Payton to Become Cowboys G.M." and describes how some random internet dudes started the Sean Payton to Dallas rumor.

But apparently, the rumor gained such traction in a short period of time that the Saints were forced to issue an official statement disputing the rumor: "Coach Payton is the Saints Head Coach; he is not going to the Dallas Cowboys in any capacity."


Pro Football Talk did a little digging and claim to have found out that while it may be true that Payton is indeed building a house in Dallas, any notion that he would become GM in Dallas "borders on laughable". Yet even the DMN saw fit to lead with a story debunking the rumor last night

Another rumor running rampant for a couple of hours yesterday and into this morning was that Jon Gruden would take over for Andy Reid in Philadelphia. This rumor was started because Jon Gruden was reported to be in Philadelphia - that alone was enough for Facebook, Twitter and the Blogosphere to explode out of control Sunday night.

Our friends at Bleeding Green Nation spent the entire night discussing this, and the rumor seemed to be gaining momentum when reports surfaced that Gruden could be named head coach as early as Tuesday. ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted this morning that three of his sources replied "ridiculous", "impossible" and "no" to the rumors, and reports are now surfacing that the Eagles finally denied the rumors this morning.

It's only day one of the offseason, and already it's shaping up to be a very, very, very long offseason, and not just because of the CBA situation.

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