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Cowboys Ranking Discussion: Most Consistent

We've discussed the Dallas Cowboys players and where we would rank them for the most disappointing, and most surprising, but what about the most consistent? Which Cowboys players performed in a manner closest to our expectations? There are a few names that didn't make the cut that still merit mentioning. Gerald Sensabaugh is a consistent strong safety, albeit unspectacular. Keith Brooking performed around where we expected after what we saw in 2009. Kyle Kosier declined a bit, but not enough to warrant inclusion on our disappointment list. Tony Romo didn't appear in enough games to qualify in my eyes. So who does that leave us?

5) Andre Gurode. He's a pro bowl caliber run blocker that doesn't make the line calls. Same thing, year in year out.

4) Felix Jones. Jones performed exactly like most thought he would when given more carries in 2010, although the regime started with him in a back up role again. His yards per carry dropped significantly with the increased snaps, and he didn't have the huge breakaway gains that he had in the past, but he was every bit the weapon out the backfield we thought we had. A downgraded offensive line from the years before certainly contributed to his lower stat yield.

Continue for the top three consistent Cowboys.


3) Bradie James. Mr. Consistent in the middle. grades for the past three years? 2010: 12.5, 2009: 9.3, 2008: 14.1. Always in the above average category, never amongst the league leaders. He is beyond serviceable and rarely gets the credit he deserves. Plays at a notch below pro bowler every year.

2) DeMarcus Ware. Well, when you are the most complete outside 3-4 linebacker in the game and lead the league in sacks, again- that ranks as being consistent. DeMarcus doesn't make the highlight reel because of ferocious hits, he makes it because week-in and week-out, he wears out opposing tackles. Other players get mentioned when it comes to hand techniques, spinning and sheer speed. No one, however, combines all of those things with great run support and man and zone coverages the way DeMarcus does. Cream of the crop.

1) Jason Witten. Witten is the offensive version of Ware. He is the gold standard of tight ends and proved some of us wrong that he was losing a step and moving down to the super human level. Nope, he's still other worldly. Witten was's number one ranked tight end for the second consecutive year, following a fourth place finish in 2008. He does everything you want a tight end to do, but at an elite level. All Cowboys fans hope that he remains this fruitful over the next few years as we retool for championship runs.

So who do you have BTB? Disappointed that Tony Romo didn't make a list? Give us your top 5 consistent players from the 2010 season.

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