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Dallas Cowboys Best Sports Bars, At Home Or Abroad

A brief commercial from SB Nation.

In an effort to bring you all the sports information you could ever need, SB Nation (this blog's parent company) is expanding into finding the best sports bars around the country for our readers to watch their favorite teams. Whether that's at home, meaning the Dallas metropolitan area, or abroad, as in everywhere else, we're trying to nail down a directory of bars with real information about them.

You can see what's going on with this effort at Sports Bar Nation. Our company reps for this project will be hitting the Dallas market scouring for good sports bars, and they wanted to know what you guys thought. If you're in the area, where do you go to watch a Cowboys game? That's if you decide to leave the confines of your couch, or if you're not residing in JerryWorld for that game. Also, anybody living anywhere else can help out by noting Cowboys hangouts in their part of the world. Sports Bar Nation is going to promote meet-ups for SBN readers at local bars, so look for some Cowboys events down the line. If you want to start a meet-up bar in your area, let them know and they can try to help.

If you can help out, let us know in the comments. And if the CBA mess keeps going, we can all meet at a bar and cry in our beers.

SB Nation thanks you for your patronage.

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