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Cowboys Defense Held "Cram Sessions" With Rob Ryan Before Lockout

Rainer Sabin from the DMN blog writes that new Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan held "cram sessions" at Valley Ranch during the 52 days between his January 19 hiring and the March 12 lockout.

According to ILB Sean Lee, Ryan gave the Cowboys a "ton of information" about his scheme prior to Friday night's lockout.

"They were making sure they had all the information they could get to take with them into the offseason.  ... Whenever we do start again, we're not going to be learning from scratch."

There was speculation that a lockout would make things tougher on Ryan as he tries to teach the Cowboys a new defense, but it looks like he got as much teaching as possible done in February. Sabin writes that attendance was high in Ryan's sessions at Valley Ranch, and Sean Lee confirms that:

"At some point," Lee said, "most everybody was in there ... I thought we did a really good job preparing for this. I don't think we're going to lose a step because of that."

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