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'BTB Inception' Community NFL Mock Draft Kickoff: Carolina Is On The Clock

BTB Mock Draft
BTB Mock Draft

Welcome to Inception: The BTB Community Mock Draft Version.

In the movie Inception, the characters were able to manipulate the dream state and create "dreams within dreams". The concept is novel. Theoretically, you could remain in a dream state for an entire lifetime, with only a relative fraction of time passing in the level up. For example, you fall asleep in the real world and enter "dream A". If you are asleep for 5 minutes, the dream world would seem like 15. If you fell asleep in your dream, "dream B", you could spend 45 minutes in that world, in the same original 5 minute span of real life. A professional at this technique can manipulate the dream worlds as they see fit. They can even implant an idea at one of the dream levels and if done correctly, that idea can manifest itself in the consciousness of the person in reality.

That's what we'll do here. We will enter the dream state, and over the course of 'real life' April 28th through April 30th, the dates of the real draft, we will spend the next 34 days in the dream state of the BTB Community Mock Draft. Maybe we can implant suggestions and help some of the worst run teams in the NFL make solid picks. :)

Each assigned GM will have one day to submit their selections. They are due at midnight on the day that the previous pick is posted on BTB, so on the day you are assigned, it is your responsibility to check the site to see who was selected before you. You will be required to provide AT LEAST the basic information for the draft pick, although it would be nice if you also gave a blurb about why you made the selection. If you don't provide your pick by the date assigned, your pick will be made for you so we can keep things going.  I recommend having a draft board a couple players deep so as soon as you're on the clock you have a good idea where you are going.

Follow the jump for further instructions.


Subject Line: (Team Name)

Draft Pick #:

Team Name:

Selection: (Position) Player Name, School

Why You Made The Pick:

NOTE: If we are getting close to your date and you aren't sure if you'll be available, please send me a draft board. For example, if it is March 16th and you are scheduled for March 18th, send me a 3 player draft board. If I don't hear back from you by midnight the date of your pick, I will go off of your draft board. If I don't hear from you at all, I will make that pick and you will live in shame for your entire existence here at BTB. OK, not really, short attention spans! If your pick ends up being made for you, please don't take it personally. We are pressed for time and the exercise won't complete unless we stick to a schedule.

Draft Pick Team 2010 Record Assigned GM Date Pick / Write Up is Due Team Needs Selection
1 Carolina (2-14) Alexcomestokill 16-Mar 4-3 DT, 4-3 DE, WR1, WR2, WR3, CB  
2 Denver (4-12) Sean N 17-Mar 4-3 DT, 4-3 DE, FS, SS, 4-3 OLB, 4-3 ILB, TE, ROT  
3 Buffalo (4-12) The NextOne94 18-Mar Everything except RB and WR, Kitchen Sink  
4 Cincinatti (4-12) staubachfan 19-Mar QB, 4-3 DT, WR, 4-3 DE, FS, 4-3 MLB, OG, OC  
5 Arizona (5-11) howboutdemcowboyz 20-Mar QB, 3-4 OLB, CB, OG, LOT  
6 Cleveland (5-11) BlueEyedDevil 21-Mar 4-3 DE, 4-3 OLB, 4-3 MLB, WR, FS, CB  
7 San Francisco (6-10) regaberto 22-Mar 3-4 DT, 3-4 OLB, CB, OC, QB  
8 Tennesee (6-10) accidentalinnuendo 23-Mar QB, CB, 4-3 DE, 4-3 OLB, 4-3 MLB  
9 Dallas (6-10) ChiaCrack 24-Mar ROT, FS, OG, SS, CB, SILB, WILB, 3-4 DE, 3-4 OLB  
10 Washington (6-10) Creasy729 25-Mar QB,RB, WR, OG, OC, 3-4DT, 3-4 OLB, FS, CB  
11 Houston (6-10) I am Ironman! 26-Mar 3-4 DE, 3-4 DT, 3-4 OLB, FS, CB  
12 Minnesota (6-10) KJDH2154 27-Mar QB, WR, 4-3 DT, 4-3 DE, FS, LOT, OG,  
13 Detroit (6-10) DIRE WOLF 28-Mar CB, 4-3 OLB, MLB, ROT, OG, WR  
14 St. Louis (7-9) Squishmytomato 29-Mar WR, 4-3 DR, 4-3 OLB, 4-3 DE, FS, CB, OG, OC, SS  
15 Miami (7-9) iCoach 30-Mar QB, 3-4 OLB, SS, OC, OG, 3-4 MLB, RB, WR  
16 Jacksonville (8-8) gogokroz 31-Mar 4-3 DE, 4-3 MLB, CB, QB, WR, OG,  
17 New England (14-2) fivetwos 1-Apr 3-4 DE, 3-4 OLB, CB, RB, WR, OG, OT  
18 San Diego (9-7) salas88 2-Apr 3-4 DE, 3-4 OLB, FS, CB, WR, OT  
19 NY Giants (10-6) Jeterian 2 3-Apr C, RB, OT, 4-3 OLB, SS, CB  
20 Tampa Bay (10-6) Bluestartattoo 4-Apr 4-3 DE, 4-3 MLB, FS, CB, OG, LOT, 4-3 OLB, ROT, TE, OC, WR  
21 Kansas City (10-6) Becho 5-Apr 3-4 DT, WR, OC, ROT, 3-4 OLB, RB, 3-4 SLB,  
22 Indianapolis (10-6) demarcus94 6-Apr 4-3 DT, 4-3 OLB, FS, CB, WR, OG, OC, OT  
23 Philadelphia (10-6) JimmyK 7-Apr CB, OG, 4-3 DE, 4-3 OLB, 4-3 MLB, SS, OT  
24 New Orleans (11-5) MicThaRock 8-Apr RB, 4-3 DT, 4-3 DE, CB, 4-3 OLB  
25 Seattle (7-9) Rena 9-Apr QB, 4-3 DT, CB, WR, OT, OG  
26 Baltimore (12-4) orli 10-Apr WR, OT, CB, FS, SS, OG, TE,  
27 Atlanta (13-3) BigDinLA 11-Apr 4-3 DE, CB, WR, OT, TE, RB  
28 New England (14-2) marloboro man 12-Apr 3-4 DE, 3-4 OLB, CB, RB, WR, OG, OT  
29 Chicago (11-5) Fergie3108 13-Apr 4-3 DT, C, SS, WR, OG, OT,  
30 NY Jets (11-5) kegbearer 14-Apr OT, 3-4 DT, 3-4 DE, 3-4 OLB, FS, SS  
31 Pittsburgh (12-4) thebigham 15-Apr CB, OG, OT, WR, 3-4 ILB, FS, SS, 3-4 DT, 3-4 DE  
32 Green Bay (10-6) scotscowboysfan 16-Apr 3-4 OLB, CB, OT, OC


Oh, and if you haven't seen the movie, I obviously recommend it. :)

The Carolina Panthers are now on the clock...

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