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Dallas Cowboys Player Highlight Videos, Wide Receivers

There's no better way to waste time during a ridiculous labor lockout than browsing the web for Cowboys goodies. To save you the keystrokes, I've compiled some of my favorite highlight videos of our beloved Cowboys. Some will be footage from the player's time with the team, others will include college footage. If you are disgusted with the current labor situation, you should at least have some reminders of why we love this team of Cowboy Blue Stars. This series kicks off with the wide receiver position.

I'll apologize in advance to all the mobile viewers if the videos mess with your experience. I'll put them all after the jump and maybe you can view once you get in front of a computer. Cheers!

Dez Bryant 2010 highlights (music NSFWK: not safe for work/kids)

Miles Austin 2010 highlights (hip hop soundtrack)

Miles Austin 2009 highlights (rock soundtrack)

And let's take a trip down memory lane to watch arguably the greatest pass catcher in the history of the Dallas Cowboys, Michael Irvin.

Michael Irvin highlights (hip hop soundtrack)

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