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BTB Community Mock: Pick#1, Carolina Panthers Select...

BTB Mock Draft
BTB Mock Draft

Welcome boys, girls and football fanatics everywhere to BTB's first annual Community Mock Draft! We're glad you decided to join us here on this website, since there are so many other community mocks to choose from. I'll be your host for the duration of the event, and we have a smorgasbord of relevant info, to bring you insight and analysis on each of the picks.

As I'm sure you are aware, the NFL lockout is closing out its first week, if and when football returns, we may not recognize it. To prepare for that, we are auditioning BTB members for team positions. They are looking to take over the GM duties of each of the 32 franchises should the drastic happen and the players enact a hostile takeover of professional football.

We've assigned a different GM to each of the 32 teams, and we'll be looking to you in the comments section to assist us in our snapshot evaluations. For a list of all the assignments, go here. The GMs were brave souls that volunteered to perform under your scrutiny, so remember at all times to be respectful of one another. Your opinion is just that, no matter how many experts might agree with you.

Using state of the art blogging technology, we bring you the latest revelation in draft coverage. We are hardwired into the brains of the GM's, and will be able to tell you exactly what they were thinking as the pick is turned in! You won't get that kind of coverage anywhere else. We also are bringing you the latest in approval rating metric collection, so make sure you answer the poll question as to whether the temporary GM made a successful choice. For your convenience, we've assigned threat levels to the positions of needs so you know exactly how dire the situation is for certain positions.

It looks like the first pick is in to the commissioner, let's see who is going to be the next Carolina Panther.

Draft Pick #: 1

Team Name: Carolina Panthers

GM: alexcomestokill

Selection: (WR) A.J. Green, Georgia

Follow the jump for analysis of the pick.


(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Why The Pick: With no quarterback worthy of the number one pick in the 2011 draft, I had to decide what one player would make the biggest impact on the worst team in the league. Knowing next to nothing about the Carolina Panthers, I decided to go watch the (very few) highlights of the team. While I understand that a good defense is better than a good offense, the lack of play making ability on the offense truly destroyed any hope for a decent season for this team. Steve Smith had two touchdowns this season, while leading in receiving yards with only 554 yards on the season. Only one receiver had a game in which he broke the 100 yard mark, and he goes by the name of David Gettis. With that stated, I've decided that the this team needs a new identity on offense The best way to do that would be to select A.J. Green.

As many of us have heard, Green is considered to be the best prospect at his position since Calvin Johnson, and which team wouldn't jump at the chance to have him on their team? Yes, his Combine was not overly impressive, but you know who else didn't have a great Pro-Day? Dez Bryant. Their stats are almost identical, and Green is a without a doubt a more impressive physical specimen. Green has the ability to be a safety net for the quarterback, whether that is Clausen, Moore, or a journeyman.

When you look around the NFC South, each team is loaded with explosive receivers. Mike Williams of Tampa Bay, Roddy White of Atlanta, and the plethora of talent that has landed in New Orleans, the Panthers need someone who has the ability to rival and/or surpass the talent the other teams present. With no doubt in my mind, I believe that Green is the only man who can do that.


HIGH PRIORITY TEAM NEEDS(lower number indicates higher priority) according to

Threat Level Red (priority 1-2): 4-3 Defensive End, Feature Wide Receiver, Possession Wide Receiver, 4-3 Defensive Tackle, Slot Wide Receiver, Cornerback

Threat Level Orange (priority 3-4): Right Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Tight End, Left Offensive Tackle, 4-3 Outside Linebacker, 4-3 Middle Linebacker, Free Safety

Threat Level Yellow (priority 5-6):Quarterback

Threat Level Blue (priority 7-8): None

Threat Level Green (priority 9): Feature Running Back, Committee Running Back, Center, Strong Safety

Star_medium_medium ranked #3 overall, #1 at position

Wes Bunting, ranked #1 overall, #1 at position ranked #7 overall, #1 at position ranked #4 overall, #1 at position

Mike Mayock, ranked #4 overall, #1 at position

Oh my goodness. If you have any questions about this kid, after being suspended the first four games last season, he came out in week five against two future NFL cornerbacks against Colorado and had seven catches for more than 100 yards. That includes one of the best back-of-shoulder catches I've ever seen in my life. profile:

Release: Quick, active hands to slap away defenders attempts at press coverage. Good lateral agility and impressive acceleration to elude and gain an early advantage. Hits top speed quickly and shows rare balance and explosiveness to gain separation against shorter, quicker defenders.

Hands: Unquestionably his best attribute. Long arms, big, soft hands and excellent body control to contort and make the highlight-reel catch, including seemingly impossible one-handed grabs. Rarely allows the ball into his pads, snatching the ball out of the air and securing it quickly when he is anticipating taking a bit hit. Has proven the ability to absorb a pop and maintain control.

Route running: An underrated element of his game and a reason why Green appears better suited than most rookies to make an immediate impact in the NFL. Doesn't rely on his size and speed to generate separation from cornerbacks, though he's a terrific jump-ball threat and has the straight-line speed to work the deep part of the field in the NFL. Possesses surprising balance and burst out of his breaks considering his size. Plants his foot and can explode on the slant route, shielding defenders from the ball. Good hesitation and acceleration for double-move routes.

After the catch: Possesses good vision and the lateral agility to cutback against the grain, though his long legs limit his shiftiness. Accelerates quickly and has the straight-line speed to ruin pursuit angles. Surprisingly strong runner. Fights through arm tackles.

OK, I want you to pay close attention starting at around the 1:51 mark. Watch the explosion as he runs past Vanderbilt safety Sean Richardson, who is an NFL prospect for next year's draft. Then watch his will and lower leg strength in the next clip against Kentucky. Then at 2:20 you get what might be my favorite clip of this guy. Look at the swagger he possesses as he mushes away poor Florida Gator Jeremy Brown. Pow!

You know that GM was right to compare him to Dez Bryant. I like it and I'm impressed. Keep watching the tape and you'll come away the same.

This is KD Drummond, bringing you the first selection of the BTB Community Mock Draft. Coming up after the short break, the Denver Broncos are on the clock.

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