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USC Tackle Tyron Smith To Visit Dallas Cowboys

USC's Tyron Smith (#70), is set to visit Valley Ranch.
USC's Tyron Smith (#70), is set to visit Valley Ranch.

Every year prior to the draft, each NFL team is permitted to invite up to 30 national draft prospects for a pre-draft visit. These visits do not involve any workouts, they are strictly meet and greets where the team can get a better feel for the players and the medical staff can conduct more thorough medical checkups.

As we've seen in the past, these visits are usually pretty good indicators of which players and which positions the Cowboys were going to select in the ensuing draft. The Cowboys' last five top picks — Bobby Carpenter, Anthony Spencer, Felix Jones, Jason Williams and Dez Bryant — all visited Valley Ranch as part of the Cowboys' pre-draft visits.

The National Football Post reports that according to league sources with knowledge of the situation, USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith will be the first name on the list of 30 prospects for this year's round of visits to Valley Ranch.

(Hat tip to scottmaui for the fanshot)

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