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BTB Community Mock: Pick#2, Denver Broncos Select...

BTB Mock Draft
BTB Mock Draft

** We had some technical difficulty with the feed from the draft rooms. Since we wield so much power, the draft waited for us. :) **

That was a very interesting pick that Carolina made, selecting the top wideout prospect of the last few years in A.J. Green. That's with apologies to Dez Bryant, of course. Once Denver learned that Carolina was going out the box, they couldn't wait to get their card into the commissioner. Let's take a look at who will be the next Denver Bronco.

Draft Pick #: 2

Team Name: Denver Broncos

GM: SeanN

Selection: (DT) Nick Fairley, Auburn

Why The Pick: Denver is transitioning to a 4-3 defense and they need help at DT. Fairley had a dominating season last year with 24 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks and made plays when Auburn needed them most in their biggest games of the year. After strongly considering Patrick Peterson and Marcell Dareus, I think Fairley, despite the concerns about his overly aggressive style, would make a more immediate impact than Dareus and Denver doesn't have as much a need at CB with Champ Bailey re-signed for 4 years.

Follow the jump for analysis of the pick.


(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

HIGH PRIORITY TEAM NEEDS (lower number indicates higher priority) according to

Threat Level Red (priority 1-2): 4-3 Defensive Tackle

Threat Level Orange (priority 3-4): 4-3 Defensive End, 4-3 Middle Linebacker, Free Safety, Strong Safety, Tight End, Right Offensive Tackle, 4-3 Outside Linebacker, Cornerback

Threat Level Yellow (priority 5-6): Feature Running Back, Committee Running Back, Left Offensive Tackle, Center, Quarterback, Guard

Threat Level Blue (priority 7-8): None

Threat Level Green (priority 9): Wide Receiver

Star_medium_medium ranked #5 overall, #2 at position

Wes Bunting, ranked #4 overall, #1 at position ranked #3 overall, #1 at position ranked #2 overall, #1 at position

Mike Mayock, ranked #8 overall, #2 at position

To me he's a lightning rod. I was at his pro day workout, and from a foot-speed perspective, it doesn't get much better than what he can do. He ran through the bag drills, and it was ridiculous. However, he's a boom-or-bust guy. Right now, I have him here, but he's got more talent than that. Depending on what type of kid he is, I could have him dropping out of the first round entirely. profile:

Pass rush: Explosive initial burst off the snap. Good flexibility and balance to "get skinny" and penetrate gaps. Uses his hands well to slap away blockers' attempts to get their hands on him. Possesses a rare combination of long arms and quick feet, helping him avoid cut blocks. Good swim move. Locates the ball quickly and has the lateral agility to redirect. Good short-area closing burst. Good effort in pursuit. Surprising speed for a man of his size.

Run defense: Relies on his quickness to penetrate gaps and make plays behind the line of scrimmage more than his strength to hold up at the point of attack. Long, relatively thin limbed for the position and can be knocked off the ball due to his lack of an ideal anchor. Good flexibility to twist through double-teams. Locates the ball quickly and pursues well laterally.

Explosion: Quick burst to penetrate gaps. Can shock his opponent with his quickness, strong initial punch and quick hands to disengage. Has an explosive burst to close when he sees a playmaking opportunity and can make the eye-popping collision without needing much space to gather momentum.

Strength: Good, but not elite strength, especially in his lower body. Has a tendency to come up at the snap and can be pushed back because of it. Possesses very good natural strength, however, including in his core as he can twist through double teams. Very good hand strength to rip through blocks. Good strength for the pull-down and trip-up tackle.

Tackling: Possesses a good closing burst and brings his hips to supply the big hit. Good strength for the drag tackle. Willing to lay out and has good hand-eye coordination to trip up the ballcarrier running away from him.


Wow, I have to apologize for the too loud sound effects in the video, but it was the best tape available on the kid.

Now on the clock, the Buffalo Bills and their GM TheNextOne94. Please email me your pick at

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