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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Terence Newman Says Roger Goodell Screwing Players


-- From the Department of What In The World, current Dallas Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman falls for the trick and makes himself look not too intelligent. Newman goes on a rant about Commissioner Roger Goodell, when asked a question about this week's rule change announcements.

His exact words: "Roger Goodell is screwing the players and is pocketing all of that.".

Face palm.

Here's the link to the full video. As you could expect, you'll have to sit through a commercial before getting to the piece. As soon as the CBA talks broke down, I warned that the owners could quickly win the court of public opinion for several reasons. First and foremost is that you cannot keep the lid on 1500 twenty-year-olds and they could erode any employee sympathy they may have had with the public. What? Newman's 32? Face palm.

I thought that the league contributed all the fine money to charities, but that's not even the point. Even in a joking manner, you can't say that, at this current time. We all know that Goodell's giving up his $10 million salary during the lockout could be an empty gesture, but you just aren't going to win any straddlers over to your side of the fence with this kind of rant.


-- Former NFL player Sean Morey, who retired because of concussions, takes the league to task for it's focus on player safety.

"Generally what they've done is try to blame players for how violent the game has become," former NFL player Sean Morey told The Associated Press on Thursday, when the dissolved union's board of directors began its annual meetings.

"They had ample opportunity to look at the science and make practical changes and give coaches an opportunity to coach players, and give the players realistic expectations of how they should change the way they hit. And they didn't,"

The NFL Competition Committee recently listed several proposed rule changes that will be voted on during next week's owners meeting.

-- Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller recently spoke of how he was disappointed in not getting the chance to be interviewed by Dallas at the Senior Bowl. The team looks to amend, and has invited Miller to Dallas Day, set for April 15th. The Cowboys most likely had this in mind the entire time, and wanted to use their 60 interviews on players not eligible for the group interview.

-- The Cowboys front office refutes the reports that owner Jerry Jones walked out on the CBA talks. It was also reported the walkout was done in an effort to intimidate the opposition. []

-- Bob Sturm's player review series leads him to the conclusion that Kosier is worthy of a new deal.

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